Ontraport Delivers A Great And Efficient Way To Track Marketing Efforts

The thing about great products is that you could have been using them a certain way for a long time, and still down the line you can discover something new about them that will benefit your process. This is the case with Ontraport – its signature process still works, but with its commitment to making things even easier, it has come up with and released a new yet familiar take on tracking.


With this new process, businesses can monitor and identify their most effective marketing campaigns, along with the different contributory factors to these efforts. According to a representative of Ontraport, this new tracking system shows businesses’ marketing efforts performance based on quantifiable results; this means that enterprise owners no longer have to play the guessing game on which ads are generating the most leads, or whether other initiatives earned profits or not. These important bits of information are presented in real time so it’s easy to see which of the marketing initiatives are generating the most traffic and securing conversions.


What’s the implication of this innovation? Well, with the data gathered from the live results, a business can then determine the many ways they can improve the performance of marketing campaigns that are performing poorly, or think up new marketing strategies.


How exactly does Ontraport track marketing efforts?
The program has adopted Google’s terms and syntax for its track-able marketing channels which are Campaign, Lead Source, Medium, Content and Term. What typically happens is that when leads click the website link in the business’s Google AdWords ad, and they opt-in using a form or purchase a product on the website, their information is added and stored in the database and Contact Record which includes details of their lead source. With the tangible result from these marketing channels in Ontraport, businesses can then create a powerful marketing funnel and determine which ads, links or banners are performing well and which aren’t.


Ontraport also provides useful details on how to track Web pages so business owners can see what Web pages contacts have visited and browsed, and how long they stayed on these pages. The data gathered through this can help with the improvement of marketing message delivery.


And lastly, Ontraport makes it possible to create tracked links of existing links on the website. It’s a great way to gain insight into which links present in the site engage visitors the most, and which variables prompt engagement.


With this highly efficient tracking system, Web-based enterprises are provided the opportunity to further strengthen their marketing efforts and harness better results. For more information about this fresh take on tracking, visit this link.

Key Tips For Running An Awesome Virtual Meeting Through Citrix GoToMeeting

Digital businesses that want to lock in their target market’s interest always come up with creative and engaging products to offer. One of the leading offerings an online enterprise can provide its customers nowadays is an exclusive and highly informative virtual meeting. Virtual meetings are great strategic tools for getting people to opt in and develop loyalty to a business.


But aside from being offered as a “product,” virtual meetings are likewise useful for unique operations wherein members working from different locations can assemble for brainstorming, reports, and such in a safe and exclusive virtual “space.” Whichever of these two functions you’re holding a meeting for, it’s imperative for you to know the best ways of running one. Provided below are key tips for running a virtual meeting that will secure great benefits for your business.


· The first and most important one is to use a great platform such as Citrix GoToMeeting, which is what most professionals prefer. It outperforms other programs because it has great features like Microsoft Outlook Integration, shared keyboard and mouse control, desktop recording and playback, as well as its own iPhone/iPad app. It’s perfect for both internal and external meetings with audio recording function (helpful in turning sessions into reference materials for future purposes). And best of all, the platform allows up to 25 attendees to the meetings. At only $9 per month, it’s a great deal for Web-based businesses that hold virtual meetings frequently.


· Pay attention to non-verbal cues – voice intonation, facial expressions, etc. This can make a big difference in the impression you wish to create and the relationships you desire to reinforce through the virtual meeting.


· Practice virtual etiquette; focus on the meeting and do not multitask. This is the best way of showing courtesy to everybody in the virtual meeting, setting the right tone for the assembly, as well as getting all the important information you need.


· And lastly, keep things lively by being thoroughly engaged. It’s crucial to bring a lot of energy to a virtual conference because there are limitations to what everybody sees, hears, and even feels. By keeping energy up, you can encourage others to do the same and contribute more.


Ready to start your very own virtual meeting? Click on this link and start using this platform.

How To Double Your Client Base In 12 Months Flat

Are you interested in exponentially growing your business without having to hire people who will assist you in running it? Do you want to significantly boost your marketing results while making the endeavor more cost-effective and time-efficient? Are you looking for a system that can more than double the number of your clients in less than a year? If you answer “yes” to all the above, you should take the time to learn what Ontraport can do for your business.


Ontraport is the only all-in-one business automation platform designed to help you start, systemize, and scale your business. Easily manageable without any help from a consultant and sufficiently robust to allow users to customize their systems in just a month, Ontraport helps you automate various marketing, sales, and business tasks; manage contacts in a central system; and track your marketing results in relation to your ROI.


Take the concrete example of Liesel Rigsby and her business The Energetic Matchmaker. Liesel was a Reiki teacher and healer who undertook a personal spiritual journey that led her to finding her soulmate. This experience then inspired her to venture into a holistic matchmaking service.


Before Ontraport, she had about 800 active contacts and 50 new clients. She only offered in-person, one-on-one consultations and coaching sessions. This setup required her to have a physical location for her service wherein she could attend to just one person at a time. To run the sales and marketing side of her business, she used five separate systems for email marketing, landing pages, affiliate center, CRM, hosting, and shopping cart. It was clear that the efficiency of her operations could be significantly improved.


When Liesel started using Ontraport, she was effectively able to conduct her business completely online. Through this platform, she set up a membership site that allowed her a one-to-many approach in delivering her products and services. She was able to automate both product delivery and new lead follow-up. Even better, she was able to condense all those different sales and marketing systems into just one complete, integrated business tool. As a result, she was able to more quickly and easily accomplish all her tasks.


Within 12 months, Liesel had 1,400 active contacts and 110 new clients. She was effectively able to increase her profits by 30%, grow her client list by 120%, and double her email list. Having grown more confident in her marketing capabilities with the help of Ontraport, she now resides in gorgeous Bali with her husband and runs her thriving business from paradise.


If you want similar results, take advantage of Ontraport and the benefits it has to offer by visiting this link.

Ontraport Office Autopilot: An All-In-One Cutting Edge Machine

office-autopilot-reviewSince it was released in the market in 2006, Office Autopilot has already been raking great reviews from industries across all nations. From national franchises to local firms, to all other business forms, be it small to large enterprises, they have been proven of good use. It has become a hub for most starting entrepreneurs to get all organize and systematize giving everyone more focus on bigger things like giving quality service and value to clients.


New Year, New Name

Today, this powerful marketing machine is called Ontraport Office Autopilot. The service and quality is still the name. Only the name has changed.


Why should you be interested in using Office Autopilot in the first place?

Successful business entrepreneurs and internet marketers have been raving about the importance of this software. Here they get a lot of functions in one system. Indeed, it’s an all-in-one marketing machine.


It’s Amazing Features

This software offers a cool email marketing system where you’ll have specific list segmentation, email automation, detailed results tracking, customizable preference center, and many more.


Another feature that the company boosts of this kind of this feature is a flexible web-payment processing system. You can arrange for free trials, specific payment plans, one-time setup fees, flat-rate shipping, and automated one-click upsell and down sell, plus many more, all within reach.


One cool feature of this system also is the ability to keep track of your customer list. It has a powerful contact database that uses a complete contact history, lead scoring, task management, and a lot more.


If you want automated email sent to your customers, voice broadcasts and designate tasks to other members of the group, you will certainly love its marketing automation system.


Also, one reason why businessmen love this is because this is the software that can give them a heads up on who’s sending them the most needed traffic. Set it up and you get your business up and running, even soaring high in most cases.


Other Features You’ll Love

It has direct mail postcards, WordPress integration, landing pages + URLs, event management, task management, and convenient customer service and training.


Get a Bonus!

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