How To Create Blog Comment Backlinks Using Market Samurai

Market SamuraiDo you by chance follow recommended on-page optimization techniques but you still don’t get the results you need for your website?  The solution to that is to enhance your link network by utilizing Market Samurai tools.


You may have heard this before (from SEO experts) that you need to have good content in your website.  It can be a compelling video, a high quality article that a lot of people can relate to and captivating images that would have the right tags, keywords and titles.  Aside from these of course, you will also need to complement them with Market Samurai’s effective link network development program.


By using Market Samurai’s promotion module, you can already use powerful ways and methods to find really good opportunities for coming up with legitimate, beneficial and valuable links that will eventually point to your site.


How You Can Create Comment BackLinks
The process of leaving a blog post comment would be: To type your comment in the space provided; include your name, contact details, website link and then you ‘post’ or ‘submit’.  Once you attract other readers by sharing valuable and useful comment, they will most likely want to go to your website, so they click on your link.

Now in order for you to create legit backlinks, you need to follow these steps by using the Market Samurai Promotion Module.

– First thing you have to do is to click on the ‘promotion’ icon.

– Then you would have to find blogs that are related to your keyword or key phrases.

– Check the boxes for databases that you would want to search such as WordPress Blog, Google Blog with their edu/gov components, under the blogs column.  Then check Backlink Magic and Follow Blog that contain listings of websites which usually allow follow links.

– Look for ‘Find Backlinks’ button and click on it. Market Samurai would then search blog databases so it can look for websites that are related to your keyword of choice.

– Then click on the ‘Analyze’ button.  This will tell you if a site is relevant to your content. At this stage, Market Samurai will provide you information about the website such as its page rank and the number of backlinks it has.

– When you click on the title of the blog, it will usually be displayed in a new window.  Then you can browse through it and study its content.

– Find an article or a post that you can give insights or contribute valuable information to then include your name, website link and contact details if you wish.

– Make sure that you don’t just comment for the sake of leaving a comment.  Your goal is to get as much people to click on your website URL.

– When you’re done, just click on exit or close the window.

Now if you are looking for a tool that is complete and that allows you to research, or connect to some reliable resources and even to create high quality content, then you will definitely need to get Market Samurai.  Head over to its review and start getting lots of traffic.