Timing Vs. Layout: How A Split Test Boosted A LeadPages User’s Video Squeeze Page Response By 87%

Putting a video on a lead generation page is something that many website owners do to add a little something to their marketing efforts. Of course, simply embedding the video isn’t enough — you also need to be mindful about how you leverage this media content and use it to further increase your leads.


LeadPages user James Grandstaff set out to discover if he could improve his video squeeze page — and he sure did, using just a short-lived split test.


He knew he needed a lead generation box to appear in the video so that potential subscribers can instantly join his list. The question he became fascinated with, though, was when the lead generation box should appear.


In Grandstaff’s original video squeeze page, the page opens without a lead generation box; it would only appear two minutes into the video. On the variation he made, however, the box appeared at the very instant that a person visits the squeeze page.


The clear winner? The instant lead generation box. This simple tweak increased Grandstaff’s opt-ins by 87 percent. The split test also revealed that the instant lead generation box had a 100 percent probability that the result was not due to mere chance (it’s important to keep in mind that anything over 90 to 95 percent (in terms of statistics) is significant.


Want these same results for your business? Here are the steps you need to follow to create variation pages so that you can conduct a similar split test to determine the more effective video squeeze page:


1. First, create the video squeeze page that you would like to test.

2. On this page, click on “fade-in box” and then set the timer for when you want the lead generation box to appear during the video (for example, 30 seconds or 1 minute after the video starts).

3. When you’re satisfied with the page, enable split testing on the page by clicking on “A/B test.”

4. From the dropdown menu under “A/B test,” click on “add variation” to add a variation to the page.

5. Choose to “copy and modify” the original variation so that you can get the exact same video squeeze page to modify to create your second variation.

6. On the second variation that you made, click on “fade-in box.” Set the current time to zero minutes. Doing this makes your lead generation box appear instantly when visitors arrive at the page.

7. Save it. Now you can perform the split test.


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How To Integrate LeadPages With GetResponse

When you get the right information and learn what is relevant to your business, you’ll easily achieve your goals for the organization, from increasing clients and sales to improving your brand. All of which may be done with LeadPages, one of the leading mobile responsive landing page software in the market, which you can integrate with several email marketing platforms like GetResponse. Unifying the two could help you get more out of your marketing campaigns.
Here’s how to do it:

· First make a new campaign in your GetResponse dashboard. Go to Your Current Campaign, and choose Create Campaign from the drop down menu.

· Provide a name (preferably something that will resonate with or be obvious for your subscribers so that they and you know which list they are being added to) for your campaign. No spaces are allowed and the name should be between three to 64 characters. Then click the Create New Campaign button. Now you’re ready to integrate GetResponse account with your LeadPages system.

· In the LeadPages dashboard, go to the My Account drop down menu and choose Integrations.

· From the Email Marketing Services, choose GetResponse.

· Provide your GetResponse API key, which is what helps LeadPages and GetResponse to communicate. Click the Get Your API Key, then click the Copy to Clipboard button to get it. Right click the API Key box to paste the details. Your GetResponse and LeadPages are now integrated.


To integrate your campaign with a custom-made marketing page from LeadPages, you’ll want to do the following:
· Choose from any of LeadPages’ templates.

· Customize the template accordingly.

· On the left column, click Opt-in Form Integration, then choose GetResponse from the drop down menu.


· Click the campaign you created earlier from the Choose Your Desired Campaign drop down menu.

· Fill in the URL for your Thank You page, which is where your subscribers will be taken to after they have opted-in to your form.

· Specify if you want to get your subscribers’ first names, if you want to integrate with GoToWebinar, and if you want to deliver your freebie with the LeadPages Digital Delivery Asset.

· Click Okay to finalize the process.

· Name your LeadPages campaigns accordingly, then edit the slug, which should help you optimize your link for search engines.


· Click the Save button.


To see whether everything is in working order, try the following:
· To verify if your integration with GetResponse has been done right, click the Publish button then click the View the Page button.

· Enter your email and click Submit. You should see the Thank You page.


· Go to your inbox to see if you’ve received confirmation for the subscription. Click the Confirm Subscription button.

· Go to your GetResponse dashboard.
· Go to Contacts and click Search Contacts.

· Pick the campaign you created in LeadPages and then click Search.

· You should see the email address you provided in the results.

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LeadPages Compacts Four Landing Pages In One For A Completely Dynamic And Profitable Site

You have 3-in-1 coffee mixes, 5-in-1 display racks, and now you get a digital product that follows the same multifunctional concept; LeadPages is out with an epic landing page that will allow you to put all the components of four important landing pages in one attractive and dynamic page, elevating your website to a whole new level of effectiveness and profitability.


This four-landing-pages-in-one provision allows you to do the following:

– Run Google+ Hangouts like a boss
– Host webinar replays
– Create video sales pages
– Build video squeeze pages


What’s more, this template is 100 percent responsive, so if your clients are using their smartphones and tablet PCs to view your site, you can be sure that everything is displaying as it should. And because LeadPages consistently wants to make every process easy for its users, integrating all these in one page is a carefully prepared system that even the technically challenged will have no problem carrying out.


To use this template to run Google+ hangouts (so you can have a webinar without paying the fees charged by GoToMeeting), just follow the process provided here and you will be marketing your business for maximum success in no time.


· First thing to do is go to Leadpages and customize the page there. Turn off the webinar replay box simply by clicking it and then selecting “hidden” to turn it off. Once you have your Hangout setup and you’re ready to go live, click embed (placed right at the top of the screen), and then copy the on-air embed code.



· Follow this up by going back to your LeadPage. Click on the video and paste it on Google+ on-air embed code. Adjust the pixel digits to the recommended size which is 900 pixels x 506 pixels and you’re done with this bit.


· Now proceed to the call-to action button. This will prove useful on a Google+ Hangout or a webinar if you’re pitching a product and urging people to buy. For example, you might want to do a Google+ Hangout for a tutorial on how to make those cute bento lunch boxes (because you’re offering one-on-one classes on how to prepare cartoon-themed onigiri and other dishes for bento boxes), so just type in the field provided, “click here to sign up for class on bento preparation.” Then, link that to your shopping cart or wherever you want someone to be directed once they click on the button and provide the link to the shopping cart. But if you’re not selling anything and don’t need a CTA button, just turn it off.


· Moving on to the chat box where comments are left, you have a selection of chat services to choose from so just go with the one with functionalities you like. Say, you opted for Chatroll; grab its HTML embed code, and then go back to your LeadPages and paste the code in the field provided. With this setup, you can then turn off the opt-in bar at the bottom because you don’t need this during a Hangout, since the purpose of a Hangout isn’t to get people to opt-in to your list.




· You’re almost done when you name the page and save it. Then proceed to choose from different publishing options available; you can publish this page through LeadPages servers, WordPress, Facebook as a Facebook tab, download the file and put it on your own server, or you can do all of these.



As always, LeadPages makes every process simple – set-up and customization are “click-easy.” Marketing your product or services can be done powerfully through this epic template and you can count on your target audience to engage faster and “act” as you want them to. Start using LeadPages and this new all-in-one page right HERE.

Five Steps To Creating A Successful Affiliate Launch Using LeadPages

LeadPages can be a very important tool for creating an entire affiliate promotion funnel that captures leads and increases conversions in the most efficient way possible. Its suite of templates can be customized and adapted to meet your specific needs.


For entrepreneur Amy Porterfield, LeadPages is especially effective when used for designing and building an entire funnel for the launch of a product that she wants to promote as an affiliate. Her big takeaway was that LeadPages is incredibly powerful to get results through a professional, sophisticated approach. This route was suitable for the big-ticket program that Amy was representing.


The following five steps can be used for selling almost anything, with the appropriate tweaks and adjustments.


1. Enhance awareness and understanding for your product: Create a focused webinar
– Use the LeadPages template Web 3.0 Webinar Registration Page.
– Customize with your own headline, copy and image.
– Add a countdown timer to the page to create urgency (Amy attests that this simple addition spikes conversions).
– LeadPages will already take care of integrating the page with GoToWebinar and InfusionSoft.


2. Push for more live attendees to your webinar and get more results: Create a “Thank You for Registering” page
– Use the LeadPages template Thank You Page.
– As soon as somebody registers for your webinar, they will receive the thank you page.
– Upload a video to the page. Make it short and sweet. It could be a fun message that confirms their registration and a little explanation why live attendance is important.
– Add two action steps on the thank you page:
Ask them to “like” your Facebook page (this allows you to establish relationships with potential attendees better).
Remind them to check their email for webinar details… and to come in early for the LIVE session.
– Don’t skip making this page because the registration thank you page has been proven to increase conversions by 100 percent or more.


3. Make webinar registration much easier for your email subscribers: Set up LeadLinks and enjoy 100 percent conversion.
– By using the LeadLinks tool, you can dramatically reduce the number of steps your email list needs to take to sign up for the webinar.
– LeadLinks will generate a registration link unique to your email subscribers. With just one click on the link, they are automatically registered for the webinar.
– Your email subscribers won’t need to provide their email address when they register.
– Take advantage of LeadLinks features; use it to market your webinar on social media as well as inside your own email list.


4. Make your content easily available and more accessible to everyone: Create a webinar replay page.
– Use the LeadPages Webinar Replay template.
– Add a countdown timer to inform people about the time frame during which the webinar is still available for those who missed it.
– If you’re selling an affiliate product, the template with countdown can also be used to highlight the deadline for purchasing it.
– Maximize the button placed below the webinar replay video. You can use that button to lead people to another page such as your sales pages, lead generation pages, website, a bonus gift, etc.


5. Capture the names and information of your target audience: Use the LeadBoxes tool.
– While waiting for your webinar or product to be officially available, you can sustain the market interest by coming up with an experience that’s related but unique to the product that you’re launching.
– Examples of pages you can create: a bonus page offering something of value that will prepare them for the main event, or one more thank you page that confirms and assures the subscriber of their official registration.
– Equip this page with LeadBoxes to capture the email addresses of those who have opted in.


Start your very own affiliate launch successfully with through LeadPages. Get this awesome software here.

LeadPages Feature Update: Running Split Testing On Your Sales Pages For Free

For a long time, LeadPages customers can run split tests on their opt-in pages. But now, with this new feature, customers can now also run split tests on their sales pages without paying additional costly fees to other companies like Optimizely and VisualWebsiteOptimizer.


This new LeadPages feature was created and introduced because many online marketers know that A/B split tests are one of the fastest and most effective methods for growing their business. As such, any business owner will definitely benefit greatly from having and using this feature.


Below are the simple steps on how to set up your conversion tracking and split testing for your sales pages:

1. Inside LeadPages, create and customize your sales page.

2. Select or set the conversion goal page. Remember, when someone visits this conversion goal page, LeadPages logs a conversion for your sales page.


3. After your conversion goal is selected, LeadPages will now track your conversions and give you data about how many sales you have made with that sales page.

4. You will then see details of how many people have seen the page and how many have bought.
5. Click on the Conversion Goal Page button and the page you selected as your conversion goal page to know the actual number of conversions.

6. Click on the Create test button and select Add new variation.

7. Create the test by choosing Original as your basis or starting point for your new variation.

8. On the Button text box, you can type in purchase or other different button texts.
9. Click on Okay.

10. Once it is saved, click on the Analytics box to view the stats.

11. You will not be able to see any stats immediately after the page has been created but once your page gets traffic, you will be able to see them.

If you are interested to get this split testing feature but are not a current LeadPages customer, visit this link and click on Get LeadPages Now and select LeadPages Pro which already comes with the split testing feature.

How EntrepreneurOnFire’s John Lee Dumas Built A $98,993 Sales Funnel Using LeadPages: The First 2 Steps

John Lee Dumas, founder and host of the business podcast EntrepreneurOnFire, needed a way to create an effective sales funnel for the launch of a new community called Podcasters’ Paradise. Having had success with using LeadPages for the purpose of lead generation for over a year, John decided to utilize the landing page software for this purpose, with highly promising results.


Here are the first two steps he took to build the sales funnel using LeadPages’ different conversion pages.

1. Building an info-based sales page using the LeadPages Sales Letter Template


This page was created to determine whether EntrepreneurOnFire’s audience was interested in Podcasters’ Paradise.

Because this page would be the only opportunity John’s team had to let people know why they should care about the new community, they went straight to the point and laid out the letter in this format:


· A one-sentence headline describing the community (“Podcasters’ Paradise: Where You Can Go to Learn How to Create, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast.”)
· A single question to further pique interest (“Why Podcasters’ Paradise?”)
· A bulleted list of the components offered by the community (Video Tutorials, Forum, and the Monthly Webinars.)


This sales letter was shared with the audience in EntrepreneurOnFire’s weekly email newsletter, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and on the podcast itself. Five days later, over 240 people had signed up for their interest list.


Having validated that there was indeed interest in the new community, the next step would be to find out if people would be willing to actually pay for it.


2. Creating an early bird offer page using the LeadPages Special Offer Video With Countdown Template


The countdown timer is a proven effective tool to motivate people to take advantage of an offer before it ends — especially if it emphasizes that it will never be available again.


On this Special Offer page, John clearly stated that lifetime membership to Podcasters’ Paradise will be available for $197 within a 72-hour countdown. He made sure to indicate that this would be the lowest price that the membership will ever be offered for, and that when the time runs out the price will then be pegged at $300.


This Special Offer page was sent to the 240 people on John’s interest list. Within the 72 hours, 35 members signed up — that’s a total of $7,000 in sales, thanks to just a single page.


With these two steps completed, John was able to drive consumer interest to his new product as well as encourage people to purchase memberships—and the product hasn’t even been launched yet. To find out what other LeadPages templates helped John earn more profits and further increase opt-in rates, click here.

LeadLinks – Making The Zero Step Opt-In Process Possible

At the onset of the New Year, LeadPages wowed the online world with its launch of LeadBoxes. After studying its impressive line of templates, the team behind LeadPages found out that those templates that yielded the best results in terms of opt-in rates capitalized on the two-step opt-in process. In fact, templates that utilized this type of opt-in process had a 30 percent success rate difference against those that used a single-step opt-in process, prompting the LeadPages team to create LeadBoxes.


But as if LeadBoxes was not revolutionary enough, the LeadPages team sought to take things a notch higher with the introduction of LeadLinks which promises full conversion rates. What makes LeadLinks different?


Most people, however they like your product or service, tend to dislike opting in again for something they have already opted in for. For businesses, this simply means that they should make their opt-in process worthwhile.


LeadLinks allows you to do this by letting you make an opt-in or registration link that can be emailed to people on your list. This automatically opts recipients in to another list or sub-list while registering them for a webinar. For the recipients, the need to fill out forms is eliminated by simply clicking on the link that you have sent them. In turn, this can significantly boost your success rate.


Using LeadLinks is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


First, you’ll have to set up your integrations, beginning with choosing your email service provider or ESP that you’ll be using for your list building. However, if you are using AWeber or 1ShoppingCart, you may have to find another ESP as the two have different terms of service.


After selecting your ESP, you’ll need to select an ESP to send your email. This other ESP may or may not be different from the one that you use for list building. If the integration service that you want to use does not appear on the dropdown menu, you can still use LeadLinks in sending out your email, albeit with a few tweaks. Instead of filling out the email and name form fields, you’ll have to find the appropriate equivalent in your integration service.


Finally, you will have to copy the LeadLink and paste it on the email and then you’re done.


LeadLinks is currently available only for LeadPages pro members. If you want to use it and you only have a standard account, you will have to upgrade to pro. To do this, simply go to your LeadPages account and go to the billing section. From there, select change subscription and upgrade your current account. It is highly advisable to choose the annual level over the monthly level because of the 40 percent you’ll get. If you still don’t have LeadPages, get it HERE right now.