Learn Copywriting From Master Drayton Bird

Does copywriting seem like a difficult task? It doesn’t have to. Not when you have the guidance of someone with many years of experience in the field. And it doesn’t require years of education or a lot of money spent on your training, either. Whether you want to write persuasively for ads, email, books, radio or TV, you can do it effectively. And it will only take you a few hours to learn.

Advertising genius Drayton Bird has condensed 50 years’ worth of copywriting experience into a course that shares his best ideas and practices.

In his Drayton Bird review, Internet marketer James Schramko notes some of the useful and interesting insights you will gain:

” – The golden rules of writing and how to persuade
– Getting attention according to advertising geniuses
– Marketing books may be bad for you
– How to eliminate the biggest struggle in writing
– Getting great ideas ”

And more!

Among the great tools Drayton provides to improve your writing is a list of the right questions to ask your clients, and another checklist of evaluation points to see how your copy measures up.

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Get More with the Spin Rewriter Bonus

Tired of rewriting articles word per word? Have you been searching for a great solution to ease your burden? Are you worried of getting unnatural looking articles from spinning software? Then here’s a great news, Spin Rewriter can give you multiple natural looking spun articles with just a few clicks. It is possible for this software because it’s ability goes beyond understanding words, it has the ability to understand entire statements. It can tell which pronoun or noun needs to be used. It knows when to use “a” and when to use “an”.

As James Schramko, an internet marketer expert, says: “Spin Rewriter is an article rewriter and spinner 3 years in the making but quickly gaining popularity over other spinning software in just four to five months.” It only means that this software is truly effective. Not only that with the Spin Rewriter Bonus, you will definitely get your moneys worth with the wide selection of bonuses that will be available to you.

Spin rewriter is the fastest and easiest way to get multiple readable articles up on your sites. This will definitely help with your SEO and increase the value of your business.

With Your Great Looking Optin Comes Your Optin Skin Bonus

We all know that it can be challenging to be able to collect a long email list. You need to make sure that your optin is very interesting and that people would not think that they may just be receiving piles of junk in their inbox. Making a good impression may start with the optin design that you place in your website. Some people think that the best looking ones are customized only through programming codes but that is not necessarily true.

Optin Skin developed by Glen Allsopp and Graeme Boy provides a wide variety of great looking design templates to choose from. You can even customize it further to fit your preferences. You will be able to make an optin in just a couple of minutes.

You may test these optins to make sure that what you put on your site is the one that can make your email list longer. If you cannot make a visitor a customer right away, then at least you can have them subscribed to your newsletters because they might be interested in some other products or services that you offer.

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Learn The Best Sales Writing Skills From The Expert – John Carlton

You may already know the basic sales writing skills but that may not be enough if you want to be ahead of your competitors and to remain on top of the list for the industry you are in. John Carlton, a known sales writing guru wrote a piece called the simple sales writing system which is very easy to understand and implement because it provides a step by step procedure on how to do things properly.

In case you do not have a business yet, learning the essentials of sales writing can be something that you can make money with. If people will find out that you are a great sales writer, they will surely pay for your services because as we all know, sales writing is a skill that not everyone is endowed to do.

On the other hand, if you do have a company that you want to gain more profit, then start working on your sales writing abilities. This will surely get you massive sales revenue if done properly. As what James Schramko, an internet marketing expert said, “I absolutely love the stuff John taught in his Simple Writing System. If I can do it, you surely can do too.”

Grab Your Office Autopilot Bonus With A Great Email Marketing System

It can be challenging to be on top of the things that are involved in running a business. Some of the things that can take most of your precious time is contact management, payment processing, affiliate management and the like. Office Autopilot designed a system for information marketers, coaches and experts to make things simpler so that you can spend more time to focus on delivering the best product or service to your well-deserving customers.

As what James Schramko, an internet marketing expert said “It’s quickly becoming an internet marketer’s dream come true.” Coming from a specialist who has spent years in the internet marketing world, he knows which one works and which one doesn’t. One good thing about it is that he provided a review on the product features and he also gives away Office Autopilot Bonus that you can claim if you buy from the links that they provide. You get an all-in-one solution and a bonus – that is surely worth your investment.

OptimizePress Bonus James Dyson Bonus – How You Can Increase The Potential Of One’s Web Sales

Lots of online businesses are now switching to WordPress. Why is that happening? Because this program is simple to use, has lots of free amazing plugins and is particularly very SEO friendly. Almost all online marketers these days are concentrating on the style of their web page instead of the actual product which they’re selling. Simply because they know that building an efficient website is an art. Oftentimes the layout itself reflects the service or product that is offered. Also a highly effective sales website has to be simple and takes your online visitors to your primary aim of converting them into purchasers.

OptimizePress by James Dyson has solved this problem of converting targeted traffic into buyers. OptimizePress is a great WordPress theme that is definitely perfect for squeeze pages, sales letters, product offers and more. You don’t need to waste your time and money creating the perfect website. The themes being offered are neat and have proven to keep your visitors interested in the data written in your pages. James Dyson has worked with tons of excellent online marketers. After a period of testing and updates he has come up with the ideal formula to turn clicks into sales. Browse our OptimizePress Review to find out how this great theme can assist you to build up your revenue!  you can even get OptimizePress Bonus James Dyson Bonus.

Get Your Nanacast Bonus With Your All-In-One Resource For The Absolutely Serious Internet Marketer

Online Marketing professionals have become common today. Everybody claims that they are SEO experts when in fact all that they have carried out is to look at a few video tutorials of other authorities and copy the ideas of other people. True Online Marketing gurus are those who have proven readers and sufficient knowledge to really give something back to the industry.

James Schramko is one of the few real pros who have done it all. He has been an affiliate, a community forums member, business proprietor, SEO consultant, product creator and is among the most successful online marketers around. Now, he has numerous followers who are enjoying his podcasts and interviews of other internet marketing stars. He also has lots of affiliate organisations and community forums membership sites that he manages with his staff.

After being introduced to Nanacast, he stated that he saved plenty of time and cash. This brand new application is incredibly effective with regards to managing multiple companies on the net. He uses Nanacast for several plans for different types of shoppers. It also can be utilized as a web hosted web page for transactions. It is scam-free and enables you to take care of numerous internet site transactions and monthly membership fees all in one place. James greatly advises using this tool for your online business. Read our review and also get your Nanacast bonus.