Key Features Of Running Your Business With Ontraport OfficeAutopilot

2b-ontraport-oapWe used to know it as just OfficeAutopilot. Now, Ontraport OfficeAutopilot adds not just a new name but an awesome list of features that all information marketers, online business owners, experts and coaches should acquire.


Features include:

1. Automated task delivery and response – Get all tasks done automatically online. Starting with setting and task implementation to email responses and voice broadcast, you get more results from less effort.


2. Managing contacts – Have a single database for all your contacts and organize them quick and easy. You can view your contacts’ complete history, add notes, track referrals, monitor purchases and go through web visit history.


3. Online payment processing – Create order forms to sell your products, send out subscriptions and manage your membership.


4. Integrate with WordPress – With just a few clicks, set up a new WordPress and an integrated membership website with guided installation and hosting.


5. Monitor your affiliates – Track all your traffic sources and see where all your sales are coming from.


6. Quick response trigger system – Set rules that act as automatic responses and implement a complete sequence of actions based on “if-then” questions.


7. Organize events – Monitor and follow up on all your events and keep track of all attendees, even those who don’t go and all referrals made.


8. Getting more leads – Create landing pages and insert PURLs to help you build a bigger list and send potential customers to relevant pages within your website.


9. Attend to all your tasks – The new task management feature allows you to go through all your tasks by setting alerts through emails and even text messages.


10. Reliable customer support – Get full support through email and online chat 24/7.


All these features are included in the new Ontraport OfficeAutopilot. Get all of them plus all new updates ahead by visiting this link.

AWeber Vs. MailChimp Vs. iContact

The Internet is definitely a huge game changer in the world of business. If you want to explore your company’s full earning potential, you definitely must be able to optimize your online avenues to help boost your income. Your marketing strategy has to be comprehensive, and an efficient email campaign is definitely considered paramount.


To ensure that your email marketing plan is carried out to great results, you need an email service that is equal to the marketing demands of your business. There are several options out there; which one do you go with?


Three of the most widely used email services in the market today are AWeber, MailChimp, and iContact. To get an idea of which could be a good fit for your business, read the following short surveys on what each one has to offer.


When it comes to abundance in features, AWeber has got it made. It’s really no wonder why it’s a confirmed leader in the market. It offers unlimited web forms and boasts an attractive and convenient interface. On the downside, it always requires a double opt-in, and has, in fact, been hacked a couple of times.


MailChimp is definitely an appealing option to the frugally-inclined as it offers a free service for up to 2,000 contacts, making it a popular choice to start with. If you only require something very basic, MailChimp works. It doesn’t offer much in the way of sophisticated features, such as list segmentation and multiple web forms. Users are also pretty much limited to their templates, but if you’re not too picky, one of them should be good enough for you.


IContact was recently taken over by Vocus and now offers a discount to non-profit organizations. It offers plans that allow six email blasts a month — any more than that and you get additional charges. It also allows multiple web forms and lists.


AWeber requires the priciest investment of the three, but it gives true value for money. For a hardcore email campaign, this is the service for the job. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to spend on email marketing, but would like to have a tool to help you adequately accomplish the task, MailChimp is the obvious choice.


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Sendpepper Office Auto Pilot – Your Business and Email Marketing Platform


Are you an entrepreneur, information marketer, expert or a coach looking for a tool that can handle all your online business functions besides just managing your contacts? If you want to deliver best service to your clients and turn your prospects into customers, Sendpepper Office Autopilot is the powerful system you can depend upon.

What can Sendpepper Office Autopilot do for you?

Office Autopilot is a simple platform that integrates your contact management, automated marketing, task management, payment processing, affiliate systems, product fulfillment and other functions enabling you to worry less of the technicalities while delivering your best service to customers.

How does it work?

Email marketing – send email to your contacts and establish an easier to manage and a more effective communication. Target the right customers for your offers, make follow up without limit, track your results by knowing who is clicking and opening and trigger next actions.


Web Payment processing – get paid easily. Make subscription offers, payment plans, free trials, one-time payment offers. Let clients view their billing history, payment details and agreements by setting up your Customer Center. Calculate tax automatically.


Contact Database – store your entire contact history, all communication, sales, web page visits. Lead scoring will help you identify your best leads. Set user roles and access permissions and monitor tasks.


Marketing automation – Make follow up sequence to automatically deliver mail, direct mail postcards, tasks to team member, voice broadcasts and more.


Affiliate Tracking – reward those who send you traffic and sales. Put your affiliate links into your promotional email in a very simple way.


Event Management – Registration, follow up and reminders can be managed instantly. Track attendees, no shows and referrals on webinars, teleseminars and other events.


WordPress Integration –Create a new WordPress site. Make your new blogs, affiliate logins, customer center and membership sites.


Task Management – assign tasks and full instructions for the task will be received. Mark completed task and notify if tasks are overdue.


Manage your operations with this advanced business and email marketing platform. To know more about each features, Get Sendpepper Office Auto Pilot . Videos of the above mentioned features are also available.

How To Start Selling Your E-Course With AWeber Email Marketing

If you wish to connect with your prospective clients or target market, one of the best ways is to come up with an e-course and start selling it.  Once your target market gets a hold of your e-course, you will bet on them coming back for more.  This doesn’t only establish trust but also credibility.
When people sign up for your course, they become your immediate recipients for product launches and product updates.  Most importantly, they not only get to know more about your product but how your product delivers and help them in their business.
Autoresponder Tool
Timing, frequency, as well as the delivery of your modules can have a different effect or influence on your e-course’s success.  Many e-course creators would suggest that you use autoresponders to successfully facilitate your virtual sessions.
To be able to start selling your e-course, you need to start building one.  And with the help of AWeber Email Marketing, it becomes easier to accomplish this task.  AWeber takes care of the technical aspect, allowing you to focus on your content or materials.
Your Checklist
Aside from knowing which tools will help you, here’s a list of things that you need to make sure that you do:
First is to create your subscriber list. You need to fill out the required field which is under the basic settings.  Personalize it and confirm your opt-in tabs.  You need to complete the steps in creating your subscriber opt-in box before you can save your settings.
Second step is to design your course. When people sign up for your course, they automatically receive some sort of course sequence based on the design of the program.  This can be done with the help of autoresponders.  They will get the materials according to the correct sequence of the course, allowing them to complete the whole session as designed.
Third is connect with your Paypal account.  Simply means, you need to set up your payment system.  If you don’t have a paypal account yet, all you have to do is go to and simply follow the instructions in order to build an e-course subscription.
Last but not the least step is to Launch Your e-Course.  Launch your e-course by strategically placing the register button in your site.
By doing these steps, you’re ready to start selling your e-course by getting Aweber HERE.

AWeber Improves Its Functionality

Improving Its Functions
One of the many reasons why a lot of online businesses use AWeber is because of its way of acknowledging and responding to their clients’ feedbacks and improving its functions. Recently, their control panel page has been improved and since then, it has been easier to navigate around the site, plus it loads faster!
Some of their clients didn’t even think they had access to the really great features that were added to the new and improved look. What’s even more cool is that those who have an AWeber account can easily explore the features further, leading them to discover many other things that would benefit their business operations in the online aspect.
Benefits of the Improvement
Yes, AWeber has been improved but what exactly are the benefits of these improvements? With its new interface, the user could easily manage their business processes better in terms of creating web forms, correspondence with clients through the use of emails, how they can manage and add subscribers, how they can efficiently work on their email marketing task, and lots more. And because of the efficient improvement, many customers will be satisfied.
Since AWeber just keep improving and integrating new features, their current clients are not left behind, in fact, they have more advantage in terms of managing their online marketing.
On the other hand, the changes might scare people off because too much changes and improvements may lose their clients’ interest. AWeber has thought about this as well; which is why they are committed to updating their clients well with any changes that they do with AWeber.
In fact, last June 6, a free webinar was conducted for users and potential clients. AWeber expert, Jay Moore introduced the new control panel. He walked them through the developments and its benefits. He also responded to questions and clarifications of those who attended.
If you want to know more about AWeber and how you can benefit from it, you can head over to this AWeber review.

How To Make Use Of Custom Templates For Email Marketing


If you have an online business, one of the things you need to bear in mind is that a consistent look can go a long way when it comes to reinforcing standards and strengthening your brand. Even for your email marketing campaign, creating that familiar look for every message you send leaves a strong impact that can significantly improve your business’s performance.


AWeber has its own gallery of templates for email, but do you know that its new message editor will also permit you to import any HTML template that was either designed for you or by you outside of AWeber? Well, the site is rather spiffy and flexible like that, so whatever template design and layout that supports your brand can be used every time you send out emails to your contacts. Once your recipients open their mail, they easily tell that it’s a newsletter, promo or whatever even if you do not specify it in the subject.


To do this, you make use of the drag-and-drop functionality of the site. This makes customizations so much easier and quicker. According to AWeber, the visually-based interfaces are both more intuitive and just plain more useful than mucking about with menus — and users couldn’t agree more. But it doesn’t stop here because with the new template manager, AWeber has taken the concept to a higher level of convenience for it will allow you to add contact areas to your choice template with great ease – meaning you can convert templates for use with the message editor without bothering with the HTML, as what’s often done for blogs –you really just drag and drop.


What’s more, you’ll even have access to more advanced features that will allow you to customize the template further until you finally have the perfect one to use; you can add rows and remove sections to accommodate the content that you will be integrating into the template. With this great feature you can use consistently attractive visuals for all your online marketing efforts which will certainly create a positive impression on your contacts or customers which then can directly improve your bottom line.


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