How To Use The LiveChat Chat Live Software Inactivity Feature

“Customers love instant help.” The LiveChat team provides more reasons why people should give the solution they are offering a try, but this one line is already a complete and valid reason for future-ready businesses to equip their websites with the right chat live software that will improve their customer support strategy.


LiveChat customers have testified that the software helped them save time, reduce contact center expenses, and enjoy increased sales. These outcomes, they believe, resulted from the way they have made product information, technical help and sales support instantly and easily available, with just one click of the mouse.


Inactivity: An Overview
LiveChat is the emerging chat support solution because it matches the customer’s expectations of how a chat support should be: faster than email, clearer than phone. One of the ways it ensures urgency and effective response time is through the Inactivity feature. Basically, it makes sure that no question or feedback from the client is left hanging – if an agent is unable to respond within a certain amount of time, the chat conversation will be transferred to another agent who is active at the moment. The Inactivity feature helps the support staff keep wait times down and handle peak workflow periods more efficiently.


The Three-minute Rule
LiveChat ensures that the client receives a reply in no less than three minutes from the time they post their first message. If the agent is unable to answer within the countdown:


– The agent can reply to the visitor to acknowledge receipt of the message and to let them know that they will be back within the minute.
– If no answer has been received in three minutes, the query will be transferred to another agent.


The 10-minute Rule
The Inactivity feature also makes sure the agent will not lose time waiting for an answer for a client who may have went away from the conversation. The 10-minute rule is implemented if there has been no additional messages or activity detected from both parties within 10 minutes. When the 10-minute countdown passes, the chat status becomes inactive and the visitor profile will switch to grey. When the conversation resumes, the profiles of both parties will become green, indicating they are active once again.


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Chat Room Software Review – Here’s How To Install LiveChat

Why do well-known companies and institutions like Acer, Air Asia, Stanford University, Asos, Samsung, Hilton, Warby Parker and the US State Department choose LiveChat as their chosen chat room platform?

In most Chat room software reviews you would notice testimonials from satisfied customers who use LiveChat. Apart from the standard features offered in other similar software, LiveChat offers various solutions that make it the best in its class.

Customization, social media engagement, feedback and statistics, mobile compatibility, security, reporting and monitoring are but some of the features.


Apart from these, reports like daily summary, last seven days reports, chat number, ratings, queue, availability, goals and surveys are standard in all plans.


LiveChat offers three plans which can benefit start-ups and more established brands. The Solo plan is offered at $36/month and is geared for smaller businesses with just one person manning the chat room. The Team plan is offered for $39/month/agent and has team-based features. The Enterprise plan, which is available for $59/month/agent, offers more advanced management and reporting options.’


LiveChat can be easily installed. First, you start off by signing up for a free 30-day trial. The sign up process just takes five minutes and does not require the user’s credit card. It does, however, require you to input your name, email address and your password for the account.


After signing up, you will need to log in to your account and get the install code from the LiveChat code section. Afterwards, you can then proceed to place the code to your website’s HTML files.


After this, you can use the web application or any of the other applications LiveChat offers.


LiveChat for Windows, in particular, is one of the most popular applications used by those who have installed the chat room software because of its many useful features and because it can be quickly installed and used by the agents. The application allows agents to gather useful information about the customer they are chatting with, enabling them to convert prospects into customers. In addition, the application allows access to a customer’s name, location and the particular Web page that they have spent the most time on. Your agents can save valuable time because LiveChat for Windows offers canned responses to frequently asked questions.


Responding to customer queries can spell the difference between a customer who’s still sitting on the fence and one ready to make an informed purchase (Get useful tips on how to make communication more successful here). And you know which type is the better customer.


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How To Successfully Communicate With Customers Using The Right Live Chat Software


Personalizing your live chat services is one good way of maintaining brand awareness through your customer service representatives and tech support agents. You can brand chat windows to suit your company. You can create greetings distinct to your business.


Here are a few more hints to guaranteeing successful communications with customers on live chats.


· Scripted messages are well and good, but “wowing” customers may require going off-script sometimes.
Scripted messages, or canned messages, exist because they keep the ball rolling on live chats. Quick responses are especially critical when other customers are in queue. But some customers may want personalized responses to their issues. They’ll want to feel like they aren’t just part of the herd of customers, hearing the same lines over and over.


By providing individual responses to certain customers, your service representatives or tech support agents are creating genuine connections that lead to customer loyalty, and perhaps even increased consumer base.


· Know that there may not be a one-size-fits-all type of customer service style.
It’s important to be flexible about how your service representatives and tech support agents communicate with customers on live chat. But whether it’s being official and formal with one customer segment or being casual and laidback with another, make sure that each communication is aligned with your business’s brand and objectives.


· Identify which customers need to be prioritized.
Perhaps the most effective way to manage customer queries or complaints is to identify each one according to specific categories. Some customers may complain a lot. Other customers may be using your live chat for the first time. There are also customers who complain but give your company plenty of business, and some complainers that might be influential in social media.


Determine which customers require priority and which ones need minimal attention. Because once you give the right amount of attention to the right customers, your live chats will be far more successful in delivering results.


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FAQs About LiveChat, A Feature-Packed Live Support Chat Software


Why do many consider LiveChat as one of the best examples of live support chat software out in the market?

Do the valuable features they offer allow businesses to foster better relationships with their clients and, in turn, increase conversions and profits?


Among the features that have convinced both start-ups and more established businesses to this chat software are customization – the ability to track back previous communication with site visitors, personalized chats, social media integration, compatibility with mobile devices, reports and monitoring, and more.

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions to help you decide better.

How do I add LiveChat to my website?

Adding LiveChat to your website involves four steps, starting with signing up for a free 30-day trial. After signup, you will need to install a code from the LiveChat code section. Once the code has been placed in your website’s HTML files, you can use the chat software either through a Web application or through one of LiveChat’s other applications to communicate with customers.


What are the pricing plans available?

LiveChat offers three pricing plans: Solo, Team and Enterprise.


The Solo, which is offered for $36/month, is for small businesses with only one person designated to chatting with clients.


The Team is offered for $39/agent/month. It is aimed at small and medium scale enterprises with a small team tasked to chat with clients.


The Enterprise, on the other hand, is offered for $59/agent/month and is designed for enterprise class businesses that need advanced reporting and management options.


What kinds of reports are available?

All plans have the following reports: daily summary, last seven days, chat number, ratings, queue, availability, goals and survey.


The Team and Enterprise plans allow agents or a group of agents to filter each of the aforementioned reports. The Enterprise has its own engine which can either provide reports on a scheduled basis or generated manually. The Enterprise plan also allows its users to export reports into a file.

Can site visitors be invited to chat?

There are two ways to send greetings to customers. First, automated greetings are sent to customers when certain conditions are satisfied. On the other hand, LiveChat also allows agents to manually greet customers.


Can I customize the chat window?

LiveChat allows users to customize the chat window. Among the changes users can implement are choosing the color scheme, making use of the business’s own logo, varying the position of the chat window and even changing the language of the window.


Can the agent’s email address be changed?

You cannot change the agent’s email address. You can, however, sign in with another email address after adding a new agent in the Agents section and deleting the other account. Be reminded, though, that ownership must be passed to the new account before the deletion of the previous account is done.


What about after work hours?

When your agents sign off from work, LiveChat switches to offline mode. In this setting, your customers can leave messages which your agents can answer when they report back to work.


Are you ready to try it out?

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LiveChat Help Desk Software Basics: How To Set Up A Chat Button

Help desk software like LiveChat has changed the way companies provide customer service and address their clients’ concerns in the most effective manner possible.


It enables companies to immediately get in touch with their customers, engage them in helpful conversation, and monitor the way they communicate with clients. A website’s live chat capabilities can be customized and fitted with the appropriate functions and a wide array of applications to make each customer’s experience better.


In order to get started, one of the first things a site owner must take care of is setting up the chat button. Care must be taken in placing a chat button because with the right positioning and visibility, it can generate more chats from site users — providing more opportunities for cultivating customer satisfaction.

Listed below are the steps for setting up your own LiveChat chat button:

1. On the LiveChat website, go to the Chat Button section to decide on what your chat button will look like. You have two options for this: you can create your own design or select a ready-made button from the gallery.


To upload your own graphic: Clink on the “Add a Chat Button link,” and then click on the “Upload Online Button” link. Make sure that the file is in PNG or JPG format (these can handle transparency and the file size is relatively small, allowing for shorter loading times). Finalize the changes made by clicking on “Save Changes.”


To choose a pre-made chat button: Click on the “Choose Buttons from Gallery” link after editing or adding a button. Once you have chosen and uploaded the button, copy and paste the code onto your website.


2. The next step is chat button placement. This will require some careful insight and strategy; chat buttons must be positioned where website visitors can easily find them and start a chat with you. The best place to put a chat button is typically at the top of the page to get the best results.


3. You can customize your chat button further to achieve a better look or improved functionality. For example, you can opt to place a chat button in the form of a sliding bar on the side of the Web page; this way, your visitors can start chatting with you whenever the need arises — they wouldn’t have to scroll back up to the top of the page. To do this, place your chat button code within a specific CSS code.


Also, you can hide your offline button when there are no agents available to address customer chats. Click on the “No Offline Button after Office Hours” link and go over the instructions provided.


Add an interactive button that’s accessible to all your customers on your website. Find out all the things you need to know about LiveChat here.

Evaluating A LiveChat Software Review — How To Guarantee A Positive Customer Experience


Businesses use live chat as another option for providing customer service because it delivers real-time response, and when customers want to know or ask about something, they want and need instant help. In this LiveChat software review we will list down features that will help your customer support and tech support team to deliver better responses to your customers.

Here’s a checklist of live chat etiquette


• Listen well and listen good.
Having good communications skills isn’t just about speaking well. It’s also about knowing how to listen. When a customer has trouble explaining an issue, allow him or her to finish out a thought. Never talk over customers. It’s not only rude, but it also prevents you from finding out all the details that’ll lead to viable solutions to the customer’s issue.


• Be friendly, but not familiar.
A friendly manner will always diffuse an irritated customer. In most cases, customers gain satisfaction when their problems are dealt with in a polite way, even when the solution isn’t instantly presented. But being friendly doesn’t actually mean being too casual with the customer. There may be customer segments (e.g. artists, animators, or gamers) that allow representatives and tech support teams to use a more casual approach like injecting humor into the conversation. In the same way, there will be customers (e.g. bankers, executives, or brokers) that require formal responses and chit-chats are likely to turn them off.


• Be clear about certain points and never lie to the customer.
Whether it’s an extra charge on a travel ticket upgrade or forfeiting on certain privileges, customer service representatives need to be very clear about their responses and what each solution may entail. It’s never a good thing to lie to a customer just to avoid disappointing them during the live chat.


• Be very knowledgeable.
Representatives and tech support people who know what they’re talking about will impress customers. So it’s critical that people who need to speak to customers or clients are well trained. They have to know about the products and services like the back of their hands. They have to know all the offers — in their sleep. They have to be thoroughly informed in order to deliver the most awesome customer experience. Because when customers are happy with a service, they tend to spread the good news to other potential customers.


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