AWeber Vs. MailChimp Vs. iContact

The Internet is definitely a huge game changer in the world of business. If you want to explore your company’s full earning potential, you definitely must be able to optimize your online avenues to help boost your income. Your marketing strategy has to be comprehensive, and an efficient email campaign is definitely considered paramount.


To ensure that your email marketing plan is carried out to great results, you need an email service that is equal to the marketing demands of your business. There are several options out there; which one do you go with?


Three of the most widely used email services in the market today are AWeber, MailChimp, and iContact. To get an idea of which could be a good fit for your business, read the following short surveys on what each one has to offer.


When it comes to abundance in features, AWeber has got it made. It’s really no wonder why it’s a confirmed leader in the market. It offers unlimited web forms and boasts an attractive and convenient interface. On the downside, it always requires a double opt-in, and has, in fact, been hacked a couple of times.


MailChimp is definitely an appealing option to the frugally-inclined as it offers a free service for up to 2,000 contacts, making it a popular choice to start with. If you only require something very basic, MailChimp works. It doesn’t offer much in the way of sophisticated features, such as list segmentation and multiple web forms. Users are also pretty much limited to their templates, but if you’re not too picky, one of them should be good enough for you.


IContact was recently taken over by Vocus and now offers a discount to non-profit organizations. It offers plans that allow six email blasts a month — any more than that and you get additional charges. It also allows multiple web forms and lists.


AWeber requires the priciest investment of the three, but it gives true value for money. For a hardcore email campaign, this is the service for the job. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to spend on email marketing, but would like to have a tool to help you adequately accomplish the task, MailChimp is the obvious choice.


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New Message Editor Makes Image Marketing Quick and Simple


AWeber has always been known to have efficiency in mind, and with its new message editor which allows image hosting, online businesses are provided a quick and simple way of creating a stronger marketing impact with every email.


With this new functionality, you can include a promotional image to every email they send to their contacts regularly; these images can be the GIF, JPG or PNG versions of promotional posters or brochures or even just the logo of the brand. All of these images can be added to the email message straight from the desktop.


The process is very simple for adding GIFs, JPGs and PNG image files (every account is allowed up to 100MB) in the drag-and-drop message editor. First, you drag the image in. Second, you just click the placeholder image to edit. And the last step is to drag the image from your computer over the “upload a file” button to upload your image. There really is nothing much to it.


However, if the browser you use does not allow the drag-and-drop functionality, you can just go about the conventional way of uploading images by clicking the “upload a file” button, browsing through your hard drive, and then selecting the file that you wish to include in your email message. It’s really not that different from how you would go about including an image to personal emails you send to your friends.


You can use this message editor functionality of AWeber in so many creative ways. Newsletters will no longer have to be completely simple — instead, all the news or articles can be supported by relevant images to convey a clearer message. Meanwhile, invites to or promotions for businesses’ events can leave a stronger impression if they are presented along with the official poster or brochure for the event. Regular updates as well can take on a more personal appeal with the use of images. With this cool new functionality, you can make your contacts more interested in the latest developments of your business, upcoming events, and promos – it’s a great marketing provision that can accomplish more with just one effort.


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How To Make Use Of Custom Templates For Email Marketing


If you have an online business, one of the things you need to bear in mind is that a consistent look can go a long way when it comes to reinforcing standards and strengthening your brand. Even for your email marketing campaign, creating that familiar look for every message you send leaves a strong impact that can significantly improve your business’s performance.


AWeber has its own gallery of templates for email, but do you know that its new message editor will also permit you to import any HTML template that was either designed for you or by you outside of AWeber? Well, the site is rather spiffy and flexible like that, so whatever template design and layout that supports your brand can be used every time you send out emails to your contacts. Once your recipients open their mail, they easily tell that it’s a newsletter, promo or whatever even if you do not specify it in the subject.


To do this, you make use of the drag-and-drop functionality of the site. This makes customizations so much easier and quicker. According to AWeber, the visually-based interfaces are both more intuitive and just plain more useful than mucking about with menus — and users couldn’t agree more. But it doesn’t stop here because with the new template manager, AWeber has taken the concept to a higher level of convenience for it will allow you to add contact areas to your choice template with great ease – meaning you can convert templates for use with the message editor without bothering with the HTML, as what’s often done for blogs –you really just drag and drop.


What’s more, you’ll even have access to more advanced features that will allow you to customize the template further until you finally have the perfect one to use; you can add rows and remove sections to accommodate the content that you will be integrating into the template. With this great feature you can use consistently attractive visuals for all your online marketing efforts which will certainly create a positive impression on your contacts or customers which then can directly improve your bottom line.


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AWeber Vs. Constant Contact

Back in the day, businesses used to actually publish a print newsletter. After creating the copy and laying it out, they would have printed it on quality stock paper to be folded and then inserted in envelopes with postage stamps. What a lot of bother and expense! And then came the Internet age, and newsletters became electronic and were more easily distributed via email.


Email marketing services that became available to companies wanting to capitalize on the conveniences offered by the Web have grown more sophisticated over the years. The choices have also become plentiful, so you really have to do your research to figure out which one would serve as the best business tool for you.


Two of the most popular email marketing products out there are AWeber and Constant Contact. When it comes to pricing, what’s more practical is really based on what particular needs your company has with regard to email marketing. Many reviewers have mentioned that AWeber is the more cost-efficient option for a large email list, but Constant Contact is more affordable in terms of a smaller number of emails, with their small deal packages supposedly being the best in the market.


In terms of email functions, AWeber and Constant Contact both offer winning features with AWeber allowing the creation of great opt-in forms and Constant Contact providing easy-to-follow instructions for the creation of professional emails. Both also score well with regard to email delivery, using permission-based subscription verification and offering email autoresponder services. AWeber and Constant Contact offer similar statistics services to help businesses track the progress of their email campaign better. AWeber does boast extremely efficient email analytics packages, so it is highly preferred by those that frequently send sales emails.


For further contrast, the following features are available in AWeber but not in Constant Contact: RSS to email; social network sign-up forms; lots of plugins for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal; and triggered campaigns. On the other hand, Constant Contact carries the following unique features: online training with step-by-step features and automatic follow-up emails to sent emails to subscribers.


AWeber and Constant Contact have their respective pros and cons, but, overall, AWeber takes the lead with its benefits proving to be more business growth-oriented. Click here to start using Aweber for your business today.