Why It Is Important To Install Visual Website Optimizer WordPress Plugin

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Are you tired of asking how others were able to optimize their websites, get good conversion rates and compete well in the market? You might think that these websites are maintained by several skilled developers employed by big companies. The truth is, big or small enterprises on the Web take advantage of the available tools to make their sites efficient.

What are these optimizing tools for?

Website optimizing tools are software developed to enable you to easily make several versions of your site without those confusing codes. By having different versions, you would know based on the behaviour of your visitors which particular layout is generating higher conversion rates. Although many of these tools are out in the market, Visual Website Optimizer is the most sought after as proven by big companies on their “Case Studies and Success Stories” page.

Some Testing, Targeting and Analytics Features of Visual Website Optimizer

  • Behavioural targeting – Display different content depending on the site visitor’s location as well as the type of mobile devices used.
  • Easy A/B testing editor – create different website versions by working on text, images forms and other elements using a very simple editor.
  • Heatmaps & Clickmap – Find out where visitors are clicking and viewing on your page.
  • Real Time Reports – Gives you an up to date report. You can modify detected errors at once.
  • Export and Share Reports – Share reports as PDF or in Excel sheet.
  • Test Scheduler – Allows you to schedule a test on your desired dates or pause after having reached the number of target visitors.
  • Revenue Tracking – Enables you to calculate the impact of your test variations on a metric that gives your business revenue.
  • Plugins and Integrations – It can be easily integrated to known platforms like WordPress, Google Analytics, Magento as well as other Analytics, CMS and shopping.

The Importance of Visual Website Optimizer WordPress Plugin

You will be able integrate Visual Website Optimizer with WordPress for easy testing and analysis of results at the same time get the benefits of the features mentioned above.

Read more about Visual Website Optimizer WordPress Plugin and get started optimizing your website now.

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