Utilizing A Framework To Come Up With Responsive Design Websites

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Almost all internet marketers use WordPress because it is the easiest one and it can integrate with a lot of application easily.


How can a ‘framework’ help you? Well, a framework is a system that lets you implement the things that are important in your website easily. With the integration of a framework, specifically Genesis framework, you can be able to come up with responsive design websites that you can effectively utilize in your business.


Six Reasons Why You Have To Trust Genesis Framework

  1. You can easily change designs as well as templates. – Genesis provides you a brilliant way in changing your designs with the utilization of child themes. A child theme is a file that has the design elements which include theme file, style sheet, functions file, as well as photos that designs your site based on the framework.

  3. It contains lots of widgets that are very beneficial for your site. Among these widget include New and Updates widget, User profile, Latest Tweets, Featured Pages as well as Posts.

  5. By just a few clicks, you can control your website elements. With this, you can personalize your site, you can easily navigate all bar functions; you just have to check and save. You can easily display breadcrumbs anywhere you prefer to. These breadcrumbs will permit you to display a navigation tool for your site visitors at anytime.

  7. It contains built-in SEO features. These tools can be disabled in case you prefer to. For you to avoid the hassle in typing all your preferences once again, you can just utilize import or export your setting.

  9. It has stress-free upgrades wherein you can easily upgrade to the latest version instantly.
  10. There are lots of plugins that are included for you to customize your site more.

Make your life easy. Get the full Genesis Framework for your WordPress site.

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