Using Market Samurai To Discover Competitive Keywords

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3B-Market SamuraiTo be successful in your online or offline business, you need to have a keen understanding of your market.  Know your competitors strengths and weaknesses as well.  Unlike an offline business, online businesses’ key data are hidden.  When you use Market Samurai, you will be able to know if the keyword you are targeting for has a lot of competition.
Competitive Keyword
If you are planning to start a business online and it’s about golf, Market Samurai would be able to guide you with your chosen keyword.  Market Samurai’s SEO Matrix has the capability to analyze your keyword’s level of competition in the market.

For example: you want to use “Golf” as a keyword. You’ll notice these when you research its competition level.
–          There are columns that you’ll see from the right that are highlighted in red. Here you’ll notice that the websites using this keyword has a domain age that is 10 years or more.
–          The websites using this keyword have fairly high page ranks; at least five.
–          There is a significant quantity of backlinks pointing back to their domain.  And what’s important is, most of the websites that point back to their domain come from trustworthy websites having a .edu or a .gov.
–          Directory backlinks: the websites use either Yahoo directories or DMOZ.
–          With on page factors, you’ll notice that they blend the Golf keyword in their article title, URL, meta descriptions as well as meta tags.


This list of things you’ll notice just tells you that it won’t be easy to compete with these websites if you insist to use ‘Golf’ as your keyword.


What You Can Do
To solve your problem, use a related keyword.  You may use ‘Golf Putter’ instead. When you check in the SEO Matrix, there aren’t much threatening websites that are highlighted in red.  There are a lot of newer domains, mostly five years.  Plus their page ranks are less than five.


The backlinks come from various sources and a few from a .edu or a .gov site.  They also use DMOZ or Yahoo directory.  Sometime their pages are not properly optimized.


These things tell you that the keyword ‘Gold Putter’ isn’t a competitive keyword compared to ‘Golf’.  When you put in a lot of effort in Golf Putter keyword, you can rank well.  Whereas if you insist on working on ‘Golf’, no matter how much effort you put into it, it may not pay off.


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