Uncommon Knowledge’s Old And New Visual Design Practices Compared

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A company that has been providing self-help programs since 1998, established an online presence in 2000 to be able to reach new audiences across the globe. Recently, the company decided to further strengthen its presence and improve their draw with a new product launch projected to take place soon. To create a stronger response for the launch, Uncommon Knowledge made use of their 3-trauma treatment videos pack which was free for visitors’ viewing once they provide their name and email on the website.


The website’s goal was to ensure that it generated significant response for the product launch, hence it was necessary for site visitors to be convinced to sign up for the video pack and provide their email addresses which Uncommon Knowledge would be able to use to promote their product launch.


From the email capture page came the idea for a “test” – one that would determine actual results of website design as opposed to merely “projected” advantages. The Uncommon Knowledge’s original email capture page’s layout was very simple – there was nothing particularly flashy about it, but visitors can easily see what it was for and the page did not require a person to follow special instructions so they can completely understand. The company, however, decided to conduct a test to determine the impact of a more modern design. The new design was simplistic and “urban” in appeal but also provided visitors the assurance that their privacy would be respected and that they can opt out of the Uncommon Knowledge’s newsletter anytime.


Surprisingly, though, after careful monitoring and comparison of results, the old, seemingly passé layout and design emerged more effective in producing the desired business result by 19.55% with 99.99% statistical significance, compared to the new “urban-chic” design. Several factors played in this result, but the bottom line was that the old design appealed better to the majority of Uncommon Knowledge’s audiences (which were comprised of older people who were not particularly tech-savvy and did not care much for the latest design trends).


This test revealed that going with the flow is not always the best mentality for business. What’s more important and advantageous are to thoroughly understand your audience and to be able to meet business goals in a manner that truly appeals to the target market.


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