Timing Vs. Layout: How A Split Test Boosted A LeadPages User’s Video Squeeze Page Response By 87%

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Putting a video on a lead generation page is something that many website owners do to add a little something to their marketing efforts. Of course, simply embedding the video isn’t enough — you also need to be mindful about how you leverage this media content and use it to further increase your leads.


LeadPages user James Grandstaff set out to discover if he could improve his video squeeze page — and he sure did, using just a short-lived split test.


He knew he needed a lead generation box to appear in the video so that potential subscribers can instantly join his list. The question he became fascinated with, though, was when the lead generation box should appear.


In Grandstaff’s original video squeeze page, the page opens without a lead generation box; it would only appear two minutes into the video. On the variation he made, however, the box appeared at the very instant that a person visits the squeeze page.


The clear winner? The instant lead generation box. This simple tweak increased Grandstaff’s opt-ins by 87 percent. The split test also revealed that the instant lead generation box had a 100 percent probability that the result was not due to mere chance (it’s important to keep in mind that anything over 90 to 95 percent (in terms of statistics) is significant.


Want these same results for your business? Here are the steps you need to follow to create variation pages so that you can conduct a similar split test to determine the more effective video squeeze page:


1. First, create the video squeeze page that you would like to test.

2. On this page, click on “fade-in box” and then set the timer for when you want the lead generation box to appear during the video (for example, 30 seconds or 1 minute after the video starts).

3. When you’re satisfied with the page, enable split testing on the page by clicking on “A/B test.”

4. From the dropdown menu under “A/B test,” click on “add variation” to add a variation to the page.

5. Choose to “copy and modify” the original variation so that you can get the exact same video squeeze page to modify to create your second variation.

6. On the second variation that you made, click on “fade-in box.” Set the current time to zero minutes. Doing this makes your lead generation box appear instantly when visitors arrive at the page.

7. Save it. Now you can perform the split test.


Start customizing and testing your very own templates inside LeadPages by clicking HERE.

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