The Advantage Of Upgrading To Genesis 2.0 Version Now

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Do you know that your website, whether it is a personal website or a business website is vulnerable to being hacked? These hackers are capable to steal valuable information from you when given the change. Now, a good way to drive them off is to keep updating your theme, your plug-ins as well as your installation.
In case you’re using the Genesis Framework for your WP website, you need to upgrade to its newest version, the Genesis 2.0. This version almost always follows the scheduled upgrade of WP to its 3.6 version.
What To Expect From Genesis 2.0
Aside from the new look, this new version also outputs HTML markup which replaces XHTML tags that doesn’t really come out as a surprise because future theme updates will be using HTML5.
With the use of microdate, the Genesis 2.0 theme is also now capable to output markups by using microdata. This new version also allows search engines to easily access this microdata that they’re searching for, as configured by Studiopress.  You will no longer see the Latest Tweets, Post Templates, eNews and Updates and the Fancy Dropdowns setting.
What Limits Genesis Users
There are a lot of apprehensions from some website administrators and a few businesses. They don’t want to upgrade to the newest version of the Genesis theme because of some factors.
The first factor is, the HTML. Those who currently uses HTML are worried that if they enable HTML5, it would affect their online operation, making some of the features stop working or function properly.
Truth is, when they upgrade to Genesis 2.0, nothing will hamper their online operations. They can enjoy its new features without having the need to enable HTML5. This can also be true for the CSS. They don’t need to change the CSS since the theme will work compatibly with the previous versions of CSS. But…a few tweaks are needed like updating selectors.
Not all websites support HTML5 but its language will serve as its framework for the soon to be built websites. It offers several features that will benefit website owners for their SEO campaigns and mobile support.
However if you choose to enable HTML5 or not, you need to be sure that you backup all your content and secure them. That way, you wouldn’t have to deal with working extra hours for lost content.
Head over to the Genesis 2.0 review and upgrade now!

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