Split Testing – Defying Expected Outcomes

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One of the companies that have benefited from split testing technology is Compare Courses, a website which provides an extensive database of courses that students can refer to in choosing which one to study. It aims to be instrumental in leading students to the right courses for them. On its website are three lead generation call-to-action areas: Send Enquiry Form, Submit Your Question, and Request Brochure.


All three buttons are valuable lead generation factors and with the goal of improving the overall conversion rate of the website, the team behind Compare Courses wanted to know how each one would perform in a different version of the website. However, they did decide to focus on increasing conversion through the Send Enquiry button. The idea was to move this part to a section above the fold, thinking that this would make it more noticeable.


As a whole, the variation showed off a more symmetrical design and a more appealing look. In it, Request a Brochure remained in the same place while Submit Your Question was moved to the old location of Send Enquiry.


After running the test, members of the team were surprised to discover the results. The new variation’s Submit Your Question and Request a Brochure (even if it wasn’t really changed) manifested tremendous lead generation increases, while the focus of the testing, its Send Enquiry button, had inferior results to those of the original version’s.


This just goes to show that you can’t simply rely on your judgment in determining which changes should be implemented. Compare Courses did the right thing by running the split test. If it had made the changes it deemed beneficial right away, its websites lead generation rate would have suffered.


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