Split Testing And The Success Of Your Marketing Efforts

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Express Watches Case Study

Looking at the site, everything seemed to be in order, with all the elements for a successful website in place. However, Express Watches wanted to improve it to further increase sales. It ran a user testing survey with Qualaroo and honed in on the general watch industry issue of consumers questioning the authenticity of watches bought online. This became the basis of the test idea, with Express Watches placing focus on presenting itself as a trustworthy and reliable business through its website.

As it was, the Express Watches website already carried all the necessary details to convince consumers that it was a legit enterprise. Its “Seiko Authorized Dealer” badge was prominently displayed, and the Trust Pilot badge reinforced this assurance on product pages as well. Besides the widgets, the product pages also featured a section titled “Why buy from Express Watches?” with all its points addressing various consumer anxieties. You’d think these would be enough, right? However, there were clearly other steps that could be taken to further fortify Express Watches’ credibility. Posting reviews seemed to be the solution and this became the hypothesis for the test.


Fake testimonials are rampant both online and offline, so how could the site show visitors that the reviews it featured were the real deal? The hypothesis was that a bigger Trust Pilot widget that included great customer reviews would do the trick. The tagline saying “Trust Pilot Says Our Customers Love Us” was also expected to help.


Express Watches ran the test for more than two months, testing thousands of visitors. The variation with the bigger Trust Pilot widget containing customer reviews won. While the increase in conversion percentage didn’t appear to be too great, Express Watches was able to remove any previous visitor anxieties hindering purchase. The goal was to strengthen credibility and Express Watches was able to do just that. Now, they could focus on another test angle. This time, the goal could be increasing the click-through rate of the call-to-action buttons on product pages.


Obviously, split testing is an effective way to determine what changes need to be implemented for a website to get better results. Visual Website Optimizer is a handy tool to have in this regard. It allows marketing professionals to create varying versions of a website and its landing pages, after which, they can then find out which one produces better results. It’s so easy to use, involving a simple point-and-click editor, so there’s no need to be HTML-savvy.


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