Sendpepper Office Auto Pilot – Your Business and Email Marketing Platform

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Are you an entrepreneur, information marketer, expert or a coach looking for a tool that can handle all your online business functions besides just managing your contacts? If you want to deliver best service to your clients and turn your prospects into customers, Sendpepper Office Autopilot is the powerful system you can depend upon.

What can Sendpepper Office Autopilot do for you?

Office Autopilot is a simple platform that integrates your contact management, automated marketing, task management, payment processing, affiliate systems, product fulfillment and other functions enabling you to worry less of the technicalities while delivering your best service to customers.

How does it work?

Email marketing – send email to your contacts and establish an easier to manage and a more effective communication. Target the right customers for your offers, make follow up without limit, track your results by knowing who is clicking and opening and trigger next actions.


Web Payment processing – get paid easily. Make subscription offers, payment plans, free trials, one-time payment offers. Let clients view their billing history, payment details and agreements by setting up your Customer Center. Calculate tax automatically.


Contact Database – store your entire contact history, all communication, sales, web page visits. Lead scoring will help you identify your best leads. Set user roles and access permissions and monitor tasks.


Marketing automation – Make follow up sequence to automatically deliver mail, direct mail postcards, tasks to team member, voice broadcasts and more.


Affiliate Tracking – reward those who send you traffic and sales. Put your affiliate links into your promotional email in a very simple way.


Event Management – Registration, follow up and reminders can be managed instantly. Track attendees, no shows and referrals on webinars, teleseminars and other events.


WordPress Integration –Create a new WordPress site. Make your new blogs, affiliate logins, customer center and membership sites.


Task Management – assign tasks and full instructions for the task will be received. Mark completed task and notify if tasks are overdue.


Manage your operations with this advanced business and email marketing platform. To know more about each features, Get Sendpepper Office Auto Pilot . Videos of the above mentioned features are also available.

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