Save A Copy Of Your Websites With WordPress Backup Plugin

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Do you have a website? A smart thing to do is to backup your files so you can restore your site back.
The Benefits of Backing up your files

  • – Your business will continue at once after online accidents because you have the ready copy of your needed files stored.
  • – You will be able to save your website without having to start from scratch.
  • – You can keep a copy of your important files like client’s database, contact details, content, images, themes and other important elements of your website.
  • – You are ready and confident to restore your site if you are not satisfied with the changes you have made.

The WordPress Backup Plugin
Backup Buddy is the smart WordPress Backup Plugin that will backup your entire WordPress site.
What are the features of Backup Buddy?

  • Backup – It allows you to make a copy of your site’s content, themes, database and other plugins. You can opt to have it scheduled regularly and download files to your computer or have them sent to your Dropbox, FTP server or other available storage.

  • Restore – this function will upload your backup files and you will see your site back working with all the themes, widgets, plugins and contents. There is no need to install anything else because full backup can reinstall WordPress for you. If you only want your database be restored, then you can do so.

  • Move – moving the entire site to another domain is made much easier with this feature. This is good when you want to test how a new plugin will work on your site without worrying much about the changes you are about to do.

Act smart by saving a copy of your business website. You will never know when accidents may happen so it is better to be prepared all the time. Read more about WordPress Backup Plugin and have your site backed-up.

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