Raven Tools Review – IM at its Best

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Any sensible internet marketer would invariably seek ways to streamline the tedious task of researching, monitoring, managing and reporting information that could help boost a campaign’s ratings – and using raventools is one great way for him to do it.

Raventools is like a one-stop shop that internet marketers can use to determine which marketing move to make to get the most out of the online community. It is an integrated platform for tools that help in researching and managing keywords, link-building, content, and social media campaigns, among others.

As a one-stop shop, raventools allows the user to efficiently work through the abovementioned components of a good internet marketing strategy. From keyword and competitor research to link-building to cross-checks and analyses reports, the raven suite allows users to identify which component would require more action, and what other marketing steps could be taken to further enhance the site’s performance.

The events organizer can easily point out and show what impact a particular activity made to your site, in terms of volume and quality of traffic resulting from it. This will help you track which marketing moves made more impact, so you can use them to your advantage.

The sitefinder organizes websites via mash up scores on one table, so the user can easily drill down on a particular site and determine the viability and profitability of linking to it. What this tool does is it ranks domains that link to the top ten Google results for a particular search entry or keyword.

It will determine whether linking to one of those sites would be valuable for you, or if you’re better off without them. This is important in making sure you are linking with sites that can give you quality traffic in terms of relevance – that is, if the initial queries that brought up that site are similar to what you are actually offering.

The limitation, of course, is that it can only provide the user with the pertinent information, and no matter how comprehensively and efficiently it does that, the user’s judgment is really what will count in the end. As the old saying goes, “You can lead the horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.”

If you haven’t realized it yet, let’s spell it out for you. Internet marketing is a very complicated endeavour. In fact, that is why most business operators are always on the lookout for people who could successfully accomplish the task for them. Are you ready for such an undertaking?

If you are, then let Raventools be your assistant in this endeavor.

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