ONTRApalooza 2013 – The Biggest Gathering Of The Online Marketing Industry’s Rock Stars

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Everybody knows that Lollapalooza is the yearly gathering of some of the most amazing musicians in the world – every type of music gets its time under the sun, making the event one of the most important destinations for music lovers from all over the world. But how times truly are changing because these days; computer nuts and Web experts have come up with an event rather similar to Lollapalooza, where people who are devoted fans of the latest Web solutions gather to learn more about strategies and technology to support their profitable Internet pursuits.


Aptly called the ONTRApalooza, this highly anticipated event (taking place on October 2-4, 2013) is considered one of the biggest events for online entrepreneurs because not only do attendees get to meet the most important gurus of the industry and learn more about the latest technological solutions for their Web-based businesses, but they get to mix business and pleasure as well.


The highlight of the event is, of course, the amazing training featuring Ontraport 3.0, which is a must-have program for all owners of online businesses. This brand new provision boasts of full upgrades and fresh features to better serve the Internet marketing community. It has a completely redesigned interface to dramatically improve workflow and productivity, redesigned and much-improved payment processing, two-way SMS automation, much simpler and more comprehensive task outcome management, completely new smart order forms, revamped and improved marketing tracking, and a multitude of other exciting functionalities.


But perhaps, what would really be drawing everybody to ONTRApalooza this year is the roster of speakers. Taki Moore will be sharing the business strategies that catapulted him to fame as a business coach. Landon Ray, the founder and CEO of Ontraport (formerly known as OfficeAutoPilot), will be speaking as well. Brendon Burchard, best-selling author and one of the world’s highest-paid business trainers, will be serving as keynote speaker. For Day 2, Joey Colemen and Eben Pagan will also be sharing their tips and motivational stories. And apart from these “rock stars,” expected to be in attendance at the event are other mover-shakers of the industry and notable personalities who have been very successful with Ontraport.


This year’s ONTRApalooza is definitely an upgrade of the previous year’s event, especially due to the fact that it will be held in this little corner of the Sunshine State that enjoys amazing weather more than 90% of the year — Santa Barbara, California. The organizers of the event have even chosen the ultra-luxurious Bacara Resort and Spa to ensure participants’ complete enjoyment throughout out the two-day affair.


Santa Barbara will be exploding with giddy tech-savvy folks this October and the organizers promise that participants will be thoroughly ready to make changes with their online marketing schemes and generating more profits with the newest Ontraport by the end of the event.


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