OfficeAutopilot Takes On A New Name

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1b-ontraport-edIn 2006, the most effective business automation software hit the internet marketing and online business industry. Created by CEO and founder Landon Ray, Principal System Architect Steven Schneider and CTO Pin Chen, OfficeAutopilot has changed the way business owners now manage their business.


Streamlining your business means contacting prospects, establishing rapport with the first interaction and increasing your chances of converting these people to long-term customers. Focusing on building up your email list, sending out lead capture pages and boosting your conversions will not only rely on your efforts as a marketer and business owner. Managing everything will take a lot of your time instead of focusing on your primary role – the owner. With OfficeAutopilot, every process in your business is automated.


Although it was created in 2006, its first version, which was all ready for marketing and implementation, was released in 2010. But despite a few years being released later than expected, innovations and new updates have come out since then.


More recently in 2011, OfficeAutopilot and Ontraport’s marketing platform, SendPepper, joined forces to provide users a wider range of integration and automation features. This is why Ontraport OfficeAutopilot is now its new name.

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