New Template Helps You Increase Your Webinar Conversions And Sales

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Clay Collins here, co-founder of LeadPages, and I want to talk about how to multiply your Webinar conversions and your Webinar sales without doing anything different. So to illustrate this, I want to give you an example from our own business. Back in the day, after we did a Webinar, we would simply just mail out a link to a recording of the Webinar, and what happened was this drove very few sales. What most people do is they just click on this link, they download the Webinar recording, they never listened to it because you relieved the tension that they have about missing the Webinar by just allowing them to download it so they simply put it on their hard drive and they never watch again. That’s what most people do when you give them a link to the recording of your Webinar and this doesn’t drive your sales, right. If someone doesn’t watch your Webinar, they’re not going to purchase the product that you’re promoting with Webinar.

So what we did instead is we created a template like this… (Watch on and find out more about it).

LeadPages users have this template available in their accounts. If you don’t have an account, you could visit this link to get the landing page software.

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