New Message Editor Makes Image Marketing Quick and Simple

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AWeber has always been known to have efficiency in mind, and with its new message editor which allows image hosting, online businesses are provided a quick and simple way of creating a stronger marketing impact with every email.


With this new functionality, you can include a promotional image to every email they send to their contacts regularly; these images can be the GIF, JPG or PNG versions of promotional posters or brochures or even just the logo of the brand. All of these images can be added to the email message straight from the desktop.


The process is very simple for adding GIFs, JPGs and PNG image files (every account is allowed up to 100MB) in the drag-and-drop message editor. First, you drag the image in. Second, you just click the placeholder image to edit. And the last step is to drag the image from your computer over the “upload a file” button to upload your image. There really is nothing much to it.


However, if the browser you use does not allow the drag-and-drop functionality, you can just go about the conventional way of uploading images by clicking the “upload a file” button, browsing through your hard drive, and then selecting the file that you wish to include in your email message. It’s really not that different from how you would go about including an image to personal emails you send to your friends.


You can use this message editor functionality of AWeber in so many creative ways. Newsletters will no longer have to be completely simple — instead, all the news or articles can be supported by relevant images to convey a clearer message. Meanwhile, invites to or promotions for businesses’ events can leave a stronger impression if they are presented along with the official poster or brochure for the event. Regular updates as well can take on a more personal appeal with the use of images. With this cool new functionality, you can make your contacts more interested in the latest developments of your business, upcoming events, and promos – it’s a great marketing provision that can accomplish more with just one effort.


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