Minor Tweaks In Your Website’s Call To Action Can Instantly Hook More Clients

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Kaya Skin Clinic Case Study

Using Visual Web Optimizer for split-testing, the business was able to determine two things: word play is a good strategy for a call to action to increase in conversions, and social integration can further reinforce the efficacy of the call to action.


So what were the changes applied in the test? From the very formal CTA which said “For Skin Consultation, Register Here,” it was changed to something more personal and that clearly states the benefit of the service; the new one said, “I want an expert opinion. Sign me up!” This change automatically boosted the performance of the landing page; the new CTA was 137.5% better than the formal tone of the first CTA and managed to increase sales by an impressive 22% — proving that word play can truly make a whole lot of difference in marketing. Changing the generic “skin consultation” to “expert opinion” clearly communicated the higher quality of service that the business will provide, thus creating better value for the person who would sign the form.


The testing didn’t stop there, though. A couple more changes with the CTA and placing the number of Facebook likes for the business on top of it further boosted conversion rate by 70%. The second variation of the CTA, which was personal but demanding in tone, was changed to a business-like yet polite and personal “I want an expert opinion. Sign me up for a skin consultation.” The overall tone was more appealing, it combines the two earlier CTAs, and of course, the draw of the services offered by the business was fortified by the number of Facebook likes. Social integration displays reliable proof that the business is trustworthy and had already left a positive impression on the people it had served before.


Needless to say, the objectives were effectively met and Kaya Skin Clinic now understands the components and principles of creating a powerful landing page that the business can use for its online presence. For more case studies using split testing, visit visualwebsiteoptimizer.com or you could get Visual Website Optimizer here.

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