LiveChat Help Desk Software Basics: How To Set Up A Chat Button

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Help desk software like LiveChat has changed the way companies provide customer service and address their clients’ concerns in the most effective manner possible.


It enables companies to immediately get in touch with their customers, engage them in helpful conversation, and monitor the way they communicate with clients. A website’s live chat capabilities can be customized and fitted with the appropriate functions and a wide array of applications to make each customer’s experience better.


In order to get started, one of the first things a site owner must take care of is setting up the chat button. Care must be taken in placing a chat button because with the right positioning and visibility, it can generate more chats from site users — providing more opportunities for cultivating customer satisfaction.

Listed below are the steps for setting up your own LiveChat chat button:

1. On the LiveChat website, go to the Chat Button section to decide on what your chat button will look like. You have two options for this: you can create your own design or select a ready-made button from the gallery.


To upload your own graphic: Clink on the “Add a Chat Button link,” and then click on the “Upload Online Button” link. Make sure that the file is in PNG or JPG format (these can handle transparency and the file size is relatively small, allowing for shorter loading times). Finalize the changes made by clicking on “Save Changes.”


To choose a pre-made chat button: Click on the “Choose Buttons from Gallery” link after editing or adding a button. Once you have chosen and uploaded the button, copy and paste the code onto your website.


2. The next step is chat button placement. This will require some careful insight and strategy; chat buttons must be positioned where website visitors can easily find them and start a chat with you. The best place to put a chat button is typically at the top of the page to get the best results.


3. You can customize your chat button further to achieve a better look or improved functionality. For example, you can opt to place a chat button in the form of a sliding bar on the side of the Web page; this way, your visitors can start chatting with you whenever the need arises — they wouldn’t have to scroll back up to the top of the page. To do this, place your chat button code within a specific CSS code.


Also, you can hide your offline button when there are no agents available to address customer chats. Click on the “No Offline Button after Office Hours” link and go over the instructions provided.


Add an interactive button that’s accessible to all your customers on your website. Find out all the things you need to know about LiveChat here.

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