LinkVana – Why it Is The Best Backlink Service There Is

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Unless the all-powerful Google says otherwise, the pursuit for backlinks of high quality is infinite. When we say backlinks, it’s not just any backlinks, they are links that come from sites with high PR (Page Rank) and authority. Yes, there are a lot of them out there. However, time is money in the game of internet marketing and for your linking campaigns to be effective, you have to spend lots of time on it. Time that you should be spending, working on other aspects of your project. This presents a problem. So what’s the solution? Get a backlink service which can assist you in your efforts for link popularity. But don’t just get any backlink service if you want to be effective. Get the best!

This is where Linkvana comes in. It is definitely one, if not the best backlink service on the internet marketing world today.

What exactly is Linkvana?

It is a backlink service that consists of a network of personal blog comprising of thousands of blogs that are spread over hundreds of IP addresses that are unique. As a subscriber, you will be given permission to post “snippets” of unique content within this network and for every post that you will submit; you will be allowed to place one backlink to whatever page to your site using an anchor text of your choice.

Yes, Linkvana works and it works great. However, as with other tools, it only is effective if you use it.

Automate via Outsourcing

Most tools that are automated practically are spam tools. That is not the case with Linkvana. It has an outsourcing option that is available and all that a subscriber has to do is provide the url’s of the projects as well as the equivalent anchor texts and their outsourcing team will do the rest. They will write all your content for you and it will automatically be inserted to the queue and will be drip-fed at the speed of your choosing as you get to choose what pace your backlinks will be fed into the blog network. Now this feature is really huge and very powerful.

However, the real power of Linkvana really comes from their quality control. It is of the highest standard as not a shred of spun, duplicate of scraped content is allowed in their system. Pair it with the fact that your blogs are being submitted to the sites that are relevant to your niche!

So Linkvana is not a free link building service and its quite expensive for some but is it worth the money? We say every penny of it! The fact that literally you can outsource your content at the click of your mouse gives you a lot more time to spend on the rest of your campaign as you will be free from countless hours of backlinking.


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