LeadPages Helps You Create A Facebook Landing Page

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The three obvious reasons why you need to post your landing pages on Facebook: You’ll get a Higher Opt-In Rate, you get Better Ad Approval Rate and the Ads and Clicks are much Cheaper. Now let’s look into each of them deeper.
A. Higher Opt-In Rate. When people aren’t familiar with you website or your brand yet, it would be best to post them on Facebook first. Facebook is a very popular social networking sites. When people find something interesting, they share it with their friends. People trust this medium and a lot of people with the same interests come together wherever they are in the world. So when they see your page on Facebook, they are more likely to opt-in to your page.
B. Better Ad Approval Rate. Facebook generally follows a standard when approving ads. They don’t usually accept ads that are related to health, relationships and wealth. However, if your link points back to your Facebook Fan Page URL and not to your website domain, it would most likely get approved.
C. Cheaper Ads and Clicks. Here’s the thing, when you link to a page just within Facebook, you get the ads and the clicks cheaper.
The Technical and Non-Technical ways to create a Facebook Landing Page
There are basically two types to create or come up with a Facebook landing page. In case you are comfortable working on codes or if you have an advanced technical knowledge, you may first work on your landing page first.
After creating your landing page, you need to capture the email addresses and in order to do that, you need to integrate this with AWeber or Mailchimp. Next step is to get your landing page code. You may use the Static HTML app that Facebook provides.
Now these steps to add a landing page to your Facebook fan page are very technical. It would require coding. But if you are not an IT professional and want a Non-Technical way to do this, you may use LeadPages.
You first need to be a LeadPages customer so you can post a landing page on Facebook. Then you need to create a landing page in LeadPages and save it. Look for the “I Want To Add This Page As A Tab On My Facebook Page” in the publishing options section. Then “Add to Facebook Page”. Select the Facebook page that you want to be published on the landing page and click “Add Page Tab”.
Essentially, you need to create a landing page. It will only take a few minutes. Then you can already integrate it with LeadPages so it can capture the email addresses for you. And after integrating, simply publish your post on Facebook with just a click.
If you still aren’t a LeadPages customer, you may head over to this link and register for your very own account.

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