LeadPages Feature Update: Running Split Testing On Your Sales Pages For Free

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For a long time, LeadPages customers can run split tests on their opt-in pages. But now, with this new feature, customers can now also run split tests on their sales pages without paying additional costly fees to other companies like Optimizely and VisualWebsiteOptimizer.


This new LeadPages feature was created and introduced because many online marketers know that A/B split tests are one of the fastest and most effective methods for growing their business. As such, any business owner will definitely benefit greatly from having and using this feature.


Below are the simple steps on how to set up your conversion tracking and split testing for your sales pages:

1. Inside LeadPages, create and customize your sales page.

2. Select or set the conversion goal page. Remember, when someone visits this conversion goal page, LeadPages logs a conversion for your sales page.


3. After your conversion goal is selected, LeadPages will now track your conversions and give you data about how many sales you have made with that sales page.

4. You will then see details of how many people have seen the page and how many have bought.
5. Click on the Conversion Goal Page button and the page you selected as your conversion goal page to know the actual number of conversions.

6. Click on the Create test button and select Add new variation.

7. Create the test by choosing Original as your basis or starting point for your new variation.

8. On the Button text box, you can type in purchase or other different button texts.
9. Click on Okay.

10. Once it is saved, click on the Analytics box to view the stats.

11. You will not be able to see any stats immediately after the page has been created but once your page gets traffic, you will be able to see them.

If you are interested to get this split testing feature but are not a current LeadPages customer, visit this link and click on Get LeadPages Now and select LeadPages Pro which already comes with the split testing feature.

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