LeadPages Compacts Four Landing Pages In One For A Completely Dynamic And Profitable Site

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You have 3-in-1 coffee mixes, 5-in-1 display racks, and now you get a digital product that follows the same multifunctional concept; LeadPages is out with an epic landing page that will allow you to put all the components of four important landing pages in one attractive and dynamic page, elevating your website to a whole new level of effectiveness and profitability.


This four-landing-pages-in-one provision allows you to do the following:

– Run Google+ Hangouts like a boss
– Host webinar replays
– Create video sales pages
– Build video squeeze pages


What’s more, this template is 100 percent responsive, so if your clients are using their smartphones and tablet PCs to view your site, you can be sure that everything is displaying as it should. And because LeadPages consistently wants to make every process easy for its users, integrating all these in one page is a carefully prepared system that even the technically challenged will have no problem carrying out.


To use this template to run Google+ hangouts (so you can have a webinar without paying the fees charged by GoToMeeting), just follow the process provided here and you will be marketing your business for maximum success in no time.


· First thing to do is go to Leadpages and customize the page there. Turn off the webinar replay box simply by clicking it and then selecting “hidden” to turn it off. Once you have your Hangout setup and you’re ready to go live, click embed (placed right at the top of the screen), and then copy the on-air embed code.



· Follow this up by going back to your LeadPage. Click on the video and paste it on Google+ on-air embed code. Adjust the pixel digits to the recommended size which is 900 pixels x 506 pixels and you’re done with this bit.


· Now proceed to the call-to action button. This will prove useful on a Google+ Hangout or a webinar if you’re pitching a product and urging people to buy. For example, you might want to do a Google+ Hangout for a tutorial on how to make those cute bento lunch boxes (because you’re offering one-on-one classes on how to prepare cartoon-themed onigiri and other dishes for bento boxes), so just type in the field provided, “click here to sign up for class on bento preparation.” Then, link that to your shopping cart or wherever you want someone to be directed once they click on the button and provide the link to the shopping cart. But if you’re not selling anything and don’t need a CTA button, just turn it off.


· Moving on to the chat box where comments are left, you have a selection of chat services to choose from so just go with the one with functionalities you like. Say, you opted for Chatroll; grab its HTML embed code, and then go back to your LeadPages and paste the code in the field provided. With this setup, you can then turn off the opt-in bar at the bottom because you don’t need this during a Hangout, since the purpose of a Hangout isn’t to get people to opt-in to your list.




· You’re almost done when you name the page and save it. Then proceed to choose from different publishing options available; you can publish this page through LeadPages servers, WordPress, Facebook as a Facebook tab, download the file and put it on your own server, or you can do all of these.



As always, LeadPages makes every process simple – set-up and customization are “click-easy.” Marketing your product or services can be done powerfully through this epic template and you can count on your target audience to engage faster and “act” as you want them to. Start using LeadPages and this new all-in-one page right HERE.

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