LeadPages Adds A Free Long-Form Sales Letter Template

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Hi, this is Jeff Weinberg from LeadPages. For the first time ever, we’ve added a standard long-form sales letter template to LeadPages. This is just the beginning for this and there’s a lot of places we’re going to go from here based on this template.


LeadPages has traditionally been about lead collection, Webinar registration, and video conversion pages, but we’ve had a lot of request for a sales letter template so we wanted to tackle that areas as well.


Now there are a lot of debates about what’s better, a long-form or short-form sales letter. Generally, it depends on a few things like your audience, what you’re selling, the goals of the page, just to name a few. Short-form sales letters often depend on having an existing relationship and authority with your prospects to really convert at the highest levels. If you don’t have that established, they can be difficult to achieve higher conversions that you might see with a well-written long-form sales letter. With this in mind, we’re rolling out our first long-form sales letter template… (Stay tuned to find out more).


This template is readily available to LeadPages users – click on this link and get the landing page software today.

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