LeadLinks – Making The Zero Step Opt-In Process Possible

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At the onset of the New Year, LeadPages wowed the online world with its launch of LeadBoxes. After studying its impressive line of templates, the team behind LeadPages found out that those templates that yielded the best results in terms of opt-in rates capitalized on the two-step opt-in process. In fact, templates that utilized this type of opt-in process had a 30 percent success rate difference against those that used a single-step opt-in process, prompting the LeadPages team to create LeadBoxes.


But as if LeadBoxes was not revolutionary enough, the LeadPages team sought to take things a notch higher with the introduction of LeadLinks which promises full conversion rates. What makes LeadLinks different?


Most people, however they like your product or service, tend to dislike opting in again for something they have already opted in for. For businesses, this simply means that they should make their opt-in process worthwhile.


LeadLinks allows you to do this by letting you make an opt-in or registration link that can be emailed to people on your list. This automatically opts recipients in to another list or sub-list while registering them for a webinar. For the recipients, the need to fill out forms is eliminated by simply clicking on the link that you have sent them. In turn, this can significantly boost your success rate.


Using LeadLinks is as simple as 1, 2, 3.


First, you’ll have to set up your integrations, beginning with choosing your email service provider or ESP that you’ll be using for your list building. However, if you are using AWeber or 1ShoppingCart, you may have to find another ESP as the two have different terms of service.


After selecting your ESP, you’ll need to select an ESP to send your email. This other ESP may or may not be different from the one that you use for list building. If the integration service that you want to use does not appear on the dropdown menu, you can still use LeadLinks in sending out your email, albeit with a few tweaks. Instead of filling out the email and name form fields, you’ll have to find the appropriate equivalent in your integration service.


Finally, you will have to copy the LeadLink and paste it on the email and then you’re done.


LeadLinks is currently available only for LeadPages pro members. If you want to use it and you only have a standard account, you will have to upgrade to pro. To do this, simply go to your LeadPages account and go to the billing section. From there, select change subscription and upgrade your current account. It is highly advisable to choose the annual level over the monthly level because of the 40 percent you’ll get. If you still don’t have LeadPages, get it HERE right now.

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