Key Tips For Running An Awesome Virtual Meeting Through Citrix GoToMeeting

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Digital businesses that want to lock in their target market’s interest always come up with creative and engaging products to offer. One of the leading offerings an online enterprise can provide its customers nowadays is an exclusive and highly informative virtual meeting. Virtual meetings are great strategic tools for getting people to opt in and develop loyalty to a business.


But aside from being offered as a “product,” virtual meetings are likewise useful for unique operations wherein members working from different locations can assemble for brainstorming, reports, and such in a safe and exclusive virtual “space.” Whichever of these two functions you’re holding a meeting for, it’s imperative for you to know the best ways of running one. Provided below are key tips for running a virtual meeting that will secure great benefits for your business.


· The first and most important one is to use a great platform such as Citrix GoToMeeting, which is what most professionals prefer. It outperforms other programs because it has great features like Microsoft Outlook Integration, shared keyboard and mouse control, desktop recording and playback, as well as its own iPhone/iPad app. It’s perfect for both internal and external meetings with audio recording function (helpful in turning sessions into reference materials for future purposes). And best of all, the platform allows up to 25 attendees to the meetings. At only $9 per month, it’s a great deal for Web-based businesses that hold virtual meetings frequently.


· Pay attention to non-verbal cues – voice intonation, facial expressions, etc. This can make a big difference in the impression you wish to create and the relationships you desire to reinforce through the virtual meeting.


· Practice virtual etiquette; focus on the meeting and do not multitask. This is the best way of showing courtesy to everybody in the virtual meeting, setting the right tone for the assembly, as well as getting all the important information you need.


· And lastly, keep things lively by being thoroughly engaged. It’s crucial to bring a lot of energy to a virtual conference because there are limitations to what everybody sees, hears, and even feels. By keeping energy up, you can encourage others to do the same and contribute more.


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