Key Features Of Running Your Business With Ontraport OfficeAutopilot

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2b-ontraport-oapWe used to know it as just OfficeAutopilot. Now, Ontraport OfficeAutopilot adds not just a new name but an awesome list of features that all information marketers, online business owners, experts and coaches should acquire.


Features include:

1. Automated task delivery and response – Get all tasks done automatically online. Starting with setting and task implementation to email responses and voice broadcast, you get more results from less effort.


2. Managing contacts – Have a single database for all your contacts and organize them quick and easy. You can view your contacts’ complete history, add notes, track referrals, monitor purchases and go through web visit history.


3. Online payment processing – Create order forms to sell your products, send out subscriptions and manage your membership.


4. Integrate with WordPress – With just a few clicks, set up a new WordPress and an integrated membership website with guided installation and hosting.


5. Monitor your affiliates – Track all your traffic sources and see where all your sales are coming from.


6. Quick response trigger system – Set rules that act as automatic responses and implement a complete sequence of actions based on “if-then” questions.


7. Organize events – Monitor and follow up on all your events and keep track of all attendees, even those who don’t go and all referrals made.


8. Getting more leads – Create landing pages and insert PURLs to help you build a bigger list and send potential customers to relevant pages within your website.


9. Attend to all your tasks – The new task management feature allows you to go through all your tasks by setting alerts through emails and even text messages.


10. Reliable customer support – Get full support through email and online chat 24/7.


All these features are included in the new Ontraport OfficeAutopilot. Get all of them plus all new updates ahead by visiting this link.

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