Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe With Backup Buddy

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Can you imagine working so hard to put up a website for your business or a blog containing a life’s worth of content and suddenly losing everything you’ve worked so hard to put together just because your site crashed or your server got hacked? Aside from the psychological and emotional torment, you’d also be dealing with a huge financial loss. This is real and a lot of people go through it without realizing that it’s a big problem that we can all AVOID!

The best way to do this – keep your site and online real estate investment safe, is by creating a backup of what you have with the use of a convenient and powerful plugin like Backup Buddy. Here are some common questions that you might want answered:


Is it easy?
If you own a huge site or a blog that’s been running for years now, then it would seem obvious that creating a backup of everything you have is NOT going to be easy. Fortunately, Backup Buddy has made the task much easier for everyone. It may involve some technical stuff, but learning it on your own may not be a big problem since you initially run your own site.


It enables you to create a full backup of all your documents, images, videos, plugins, themes and every single part of your site. If your server crashes or if you just want to change to another one, you could also migrate your entire site quick and easy.


What if I’m too busy to create backups?
No worries, you can set schedules hands-free! Simply set a specific schedule for your backups, be it full or database only set weekly or monthly. Next, grab your backup files sent to your email or your external cloud storage account and download it to your computer to keep a copy for yourself.


Where can I get it?
Now that you that it can save you a ton of money and effort to keep your precious WordPress sites safe with this awesome plugin, the next step is to go and get it running on your site. You could head over to the official Backup Buddy website or visit our review page and receive a freebie once you decide to buy it, from us of course.

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