Introducing The OverlayOptimizer — Get Attention And Action From Web Visitors With This New Feature

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It sounds easier said than done — drawing attention from your site visitors and holding it long enough for them to want to do, whatever it is you want them to do: buy, inquire, or sign up for an email list. With the millions of websites (and more being developed every day) already up and running, you are in for some stiff competition. But you can cut that competition down by having the most attractive and coolest site on the Web.


And OptimizePress has found a way for you to do so, without the hefty price tag. With its newest feature, OptimizePress hopes to help businesses gain their website visitors’ attention and successfully persuade them to take action. Whether that’s opting in for a webinar or buying a product being offered, OptimizePress’s new feature, the OverlayOptimizer, will increase engagement and action from visitors.


The OverlayOptimizer will help you make pages that are simple yet effective. You can mix the right elements that capture the right kind of attention and convince your visitor to click to the next step. Speaking of steps, if you think this powerful new feature means hiring a Web expert, think again.


In the tradition of OptimizePress’s easy to use features, the OverlayOptimizer can be added to your pages — in just three simple steps. The first step takes you to the LiveEditor where you choose the OverlayOptimizer from the element browser, and you pick the trigger button for your overlay from the style options. The second step lets you add any element you want to put on your overlay. And the third and final step lets you publish the page, with your OverlayOptimizer good to go.


With the OverlayOptimizer you can load training videos in overlay boxes, achieving a clean and seamless look for your page. You can make clickable elements that create overlays. You can make a two-step opt-in process. You can make overlays with images, videos, or text. You can also make overlays to provide more detailed information about your services or products.


There are a few other benefits to using the OverlayOptimizer. But the bottom line is that this amazing new feature has the power to gain your website visitor’s attention and, later on, allow them to take your desired action. So look into it today. Click here, get OptimizePress and access this new feature!

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