Introducing The New LeadPages Feature: Multiple Form Fields

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LeadPages, the world’s easiest and fastest landing page generator, has now launched a new exciting feature for all LeadPages forms: the ability for users to collect phone numbers, addresses, zip codes and other useful details.


Currently, this feature is only available on two templates — the basic squeeze page template and the basic squeeze page template (aligned to the right) — but it will certainly be included in others in the future.




1.      Start by creating a form on AWeber.


2.      You can already immediately create a number of additional fields on it. You can add a phone number field and even a favorite color field. Any field that you want to add to this form will certainly work here.


3.      Next, click on ‘Save Your Form.’


4.      As a note, you can use this feature in whatever CRM or email service provider you are using. Just create your form by using the form builder under the CRM or email service provider that you normally use, and when you are in LeadPages, just choose one of the two templates where this ability is available to get these additional form fields.


5.      Just click on the “Click here for instant access” button and the pop up will appear. You can adjust the text as needed.


6.      By going to the integration settings, you can load the form created in AWeber.


7.      After clicking on the form, click “Customize this form” and this will load the form that you just created.


8.      The name and email fields are already on the form but under “Form fields,” phone number and favorite colors are listed. Click on them to load these fields.


9.      You can also change the appearance of the different elements of the form, like the button, color, spacing, and alignment. You can move the fields around as you want and you can also edit the text that comes up when a required field is not entered. You can also change the values that appear when invalid data is submitted to the form.


10.  Lastly, when you are done editing, click on “Okay” then “Save” and input the title or name you want for your final page.


Visitors to your website can immediately complete or sign the form and all the information they share will be right at your fingertips.


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