Integrate LeadPages With WordPress With These Easy Steps

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Before we start off with the steps, some of you might be wondering why creating a landing page is very important.  Well, for a lot of entrepreneurs, they would want their products and services to be known to the public as soon as possible and in order to do that, they would need to get a lot of subscribers. This is where landing page comes in.  It helps them attract the interest of their customers from the landing page with their WordPress website.
LeadPages Background
LeadPages.  It is the landing page software that was developed by LeadBrite.  You would need to integrate this software to your WordPress site before you can reap its benefits.  Now for a lot of people who are worried about the technical process it involves, don’t worry, this will only take three simple steps.
First Step: Create Your Landing Page.  Good news is, LeadPages has various templates for you to choose from.  There are templates for a sales page, templates for a squeeze page, and upsell page and more!  After choosing your template, all you have to do is customize the elements from what background you want to coming up with a catchy and appropriate headline.  Creating a landing page will only take a few minutes and in that few minutes, you have already saved the file as well.
Second Step: Integrate with LeadPages.  After saving the file and giving it its righteous file name, log on to LeadPages.   If you don’t have a LeadPages account yet, you may read the full review (so you can get to know more about it before you buy it) so you can continue the process.
The moment you log on to the website, you’ll head over to a WordPress plugin page.  You simply have to click the “Add New” button.   Then you’ll be taken to another page where you will see various items. The first one indicates the title of the landing page where you want to publish.  On the second item, you’ll see the URL for your website.  This is where you’ll just need to add the landing page name or title. With the last item, you will click through a drop down menu in order to select the saved file where you would put your landing page.  This step automatically makes you link your WordPress to your landing page.  Hence, integrate it.
Third Step: Publish Button
Then all you have to do is click the “Publish” button.  You will see a video demo from LeadBrite that will show you how fast your landing page loads on screen.  This is good news for customers who want to have instant web page loads.

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