How WordPress Backup Can Save Your Websites

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Data on your websites are your business assets. Every bit of information you have collected should be kept securely. However, unavoidable situations may arise like servers crashing causing your website to disappear or some unwanted updates or hacking that badly affects your site and stops your business operations. To save your website, you have to regularly store a backup.

What may happen if you do not backup your site?

  • You will have the high risk of losing your website when online accident happens.
  • You may lose your clients
  • All significant information will be lost
  • You will start from scratch rebuilding your site.
  • Business functions will suffer, this means profit loss.


How WordPress Backup Can Save Your Websites
For WordPress sites, BackupBuddy is a plugin you can add to take care of your backing up. The features of this plugin include backup, restore and move.


With backup, the entire content, themes, database and other plugins will all be stored. You can have it scheduled and you may specify directories you only want to store. Files can be directly downloaded or sent to Dropbox, FTP server, Rackspace Cloud or to multiple destinations. Non-WordPress tables can also be backed up. An option to manage your back up is also provided so that you won’t be keeping old backups and consuming big storage.


When you want to restore your site and have it running as usual, all you have to do is upload the file. There is no need to install WordPress because all is done automatically for you.


If you want your WordPress site to be moved to another domain, BackupBuddy can do this for you. There are some instances when you want to test how some plugins will function on your site. The idea of backing up your files first is good as it allows you to restore your site should the new plugin added will not function properly.


Save your investment by safeguarding your online assets. It is better to be ready than sorry in the end trying to rebuild all the lost information. Get this WordPress backup tool now.

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