How To Use The LiveChat Chat Live Software Inactivity Feature

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“Customers love instant help.” The LiveChat team provides more reasons why people should give the solution they are offering a try, but this one line is already a complete and valid reason for future-ready businesses to equip their websites with the right chat live software that will improve their customer support strategy.


LiveChat customers have testified that the software helped them save time, reduce contact center expenses, and enjoy increased sales. These outcomes, they believe, resulted from the way they have made product information, technical help and sales support instantly and easily available, with just one click of the mouse.


Inactivity: An Overview
LiveChat is the emerging chat support solution because it matches the customer’s expectations of how a chat support should be: faster than email, clearer than phone. One of the ways it ensures urgency and effective response time is through the Inactivity feature. Basically, it makes sure that no question or feedback from the client is left hanging – if an agent is unable to respond within a certain amount of time, the chat conversation will be transferred to another agent who is active at the moment. The Inactivity feature helps the support staff keep wait times down and handle peak workflow periods more efficiently.


The Three-minute Rule
LiveChat ensures that the client receives a reply in no less than three minutes from the time they post their first message. If the agent is unable to answer within the countdown:


– The agent can reply to the visitor to acknowledge receipt of the message and to let them know that they will be back within the minute.
– If no answer has been received in three minutes, the query will be transferred to another agent.


The 10-minute Rule
The Inactivity feature also makes sure the agent will not lose time waiting for an answer for a client who may have went away from the conversation. The 10-minute rule is implemented if there has been no additional messages or activity detected from both parties within 10 minutes. When the 10-minute countdown passes, the chat status becomes inactive and the visitor profile will switch to grey. When the conversation resumes, the profiles of both parties will become green, indicating they are active once again.


Get your customers’ queries answered and your business in constant connection with more prospects through LiveChat. Check out more details on how this service works right here.

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