How To Turn Your 404 Page Into An Opt-in Page With The New LeadPages Feature

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The 404 page is one of the most underestimated and underutilized spaces in virtual real estate. A vast majority of 404 pages give the visitor no other options but to click the window closed, which is a huge loss of opportunity to engage a customer who’s already reached your site in the first place.


Fortunately, LeadPages recently introduced a new feature that will enable users to turn any page into a useful 404 page customized to their needs and preferences. With this new feature, you can turn a seemingly dead-end spot into an opt-in page that can help you increase your sales, build your list and grow awareness for your brand.

You can capitalize on your 404 page by:
1. Providing a brief explanation
2. Offering something of value via an opt-in mechanism
3. Directing visitors to other parts of the website
4. Engaging them with good copy and valuable information and increase their probability of sharing your content, purchasing your products and coming back for repeat visits
How to Use the 404 Page Feature

For coders:
1. Download a free landing page template from LeadPages.
2. Modify the template using HTML and CSS according to your requirements.
3. Integrate the page with your autoresponder such as AWeber or MailChimp.
4. Grab your landing page code and integrate it with WordPress or your website.
5. Publish the page.
For LeadPages users:
1. Go to the LeadPages template, choose one and click “Use This Template.”

2. Customize the template. Click an area or feature you want to change or select from the menu on the left to choose elements such as codes, colors, fonts, background images, autoresponder service, etc.

3. Create the page content: Add your own headline and copy or change the existing text such as the email field or the button text.

4. Click “Save To My Pages.”

5. Enter page name and click “Save.”

6. Click on your choice from the options provided under How Would You Like to Publish this Page?

(Use To Immediately Obtain a URL for this Page; Publish This Page on My WordPress Website; Add This Page As a Tab On My Facebook Page; Download this Page And Publish It In My Own Servers; Advanced And Not Recommended HTML Download)
To implement in WordPress:
a. Go to your WordPress installation
b. Go to the LeadPages plug-in
c. Update if needed
d. Select “Add New” and choose 404 Page
e. Choose the created page from the dropdown menu and click “Publish.”

f. Congratulations! Your 404 page is now also an opt-in page.
To find out more about LeadPages, check out the landing page software here.

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