How To Setup Facebook App ID And Facebook Comments Using OptimizePress

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It may not be the only social networking platform in the world today, but Facebook does still carry staggering influence over audiences. With an increasing number of features developed to improve engagement and reach wider markets, businesses and enterprising individuals have found Facebook to be an indispensable part of their digital existence.

Perhaps one of the more crucial features it offers is the Comments box. And if you want to arrange Facebook Comments for your website, OptimizePress offers that element. All you have to do is setup your Facebook App ID, which is required when using the Social Integration feature of the social networking site, and then integrate Facebook Comments with your website.


Here’s how to do it:


· Go to the Facebook Developers page (

· Log in to your Facebook account.

· When you’ve logged in, click on the Register Now button. A window will pop up. At the bottom, tick “I accept the Facebook Platform Privacy Policy…” then click Continue.

· Fill in the necessary details for verifying your account: country code, phone number, and so on. Click Continue, and verify the code that was sent to you through SMS. You can choose to activate or not activate the text notifications, which allows you to get messages about new posts on your timeline, new messages, and the like. You can also choose to share your phone number with whomever you like. Click Continue once done.



· You’ll be taken to a window where you could fill in details regarding the types of apps you plan to make, the programming language or platforms you use, and your experience level. You can skip this page, if you like. So click Continue and you’ll be right and ready as a Facebook developer.

· You’ll then be taken to the App Dashboard where you click on the Create New App button.

· Fill in the details about your app’s name, category, sub category, and if you would like free Web hosting. Click Continue.

· Enter the captcha codes that appear onscreen, click Continue and you’ll be directed to the page for the app you created where you’ll see your Facebook App ID.

· Below, fill in details such as your app domain and how your app will integrate with Facebook: Through your website or do you want to publish from iOS app to Facebook? Do you want to bookmark your Web app on Facebook mobile? In this case, you’ll want to choose through website so enter your website’s URL in the box.

· Once you’ve made the necessary changes to your app setup, you’ll need to copy your Facebook app ID. Go back to your OptimizePress site, click on Social Integration and then paste the app ID you copied. Click Save Settings, and Facebook Comments will then be integrated with your website.


Ready to integrate Facebook commenting on your website through OptimizePress? Click HERE.

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