How To Set Up A Payment Gateway Using OfficeAutopilot

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The Internet marketplace is founded on trust. If you want more customers to confidently buy from your business, you need to make the shopping experience easy, convenient, fast and secure. Present a more professional, systematic web payment processing system with the use of the right online business tools.


What is a payment gateway?

When you’re shopping in a retail outlet, the usual purchase route is to take your selected items to the point of sale terminal located anywhere in the cashier counters of the store and have your credit cards processed so you can pay for the sale. When it comes to online shopping, the equivalent of the point of sale terminal is the payment gateway.


Using OfficeAutopilot to set up your payment gateway

You can set up a payment gateway easily using OfficeAutopilot. Having the right payment gateway and web payment processing system protects your customers’ credit card information by encrypting credit card numbers, personal data and other sensitive information. This ensures secure information transfer from the customer to the merchant to the payment processor.


Pre-integration step

1. Set up outside of OfficeAutopilot to get the required credentials for integration. Your standard choices can be any of the following:

a. Free standard Paypal gateway – when you’re offering non-subscription and non-payment plan products

b. Paypal Payflow Pro or Paypal Pro – when you’re selling products with recurring payments, subscription products, or doing product upsells


Integrating a payment gateway

1. Go to setup > payment gateways


2. Select from the following:

  • Dummy Gateway (the designated test gateway provided by OfficeAutopilot)


  • USAePay

  • eWAY

  • Paypal

  • Network Merchants Inc

  • Elavon (Virtual Merchant)

  • Payleap

  • Payjunction

  • Payflow Pro

  • Paypal Website Payments Pro

  • QuickBooks (QBMS)

3. Take note of the information needed for OfficeAutopilot to integrate with the gateway you have set up.


4. Enter your payment gateway using your login details. Grab the required information for integrating OfficeAutopilot from your gateway.


5. Log into OfficeAutopilot and enter integration information. You can now integrate your payment gateway with Paypal, Paypal Pro and Paypal Payflow Pro.


And your final step, get OfficeAutopilot and start automating everything in your online business.

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