How To Manage Tasks On OfficeAutopilot

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OfficeAutopilot has always been about efficient organization of various online responsibilities of a business and one of the functionalities that the program offers is task management.


Now, what are tasks?

Simply, they are prompts or reminders to perform a non-automated action, such as a phone call to a contact. OfficeAutopilot does this bit as well as permit users to set up task outcomes that can trigger automated responses with active response rules. It’s very efficient and can save a lot of worry about the potential important responsibilities being forgotten due to the bulk of activities a business has.


To manage tasks

OfficeAutopilot has the Tasks tab and from here tasks will surface upon manual generation or through a step on sequence. If you wish to create a task for an individual contact, all you have to do is click the Contact tab, then open the record of a contact, locate the Task Manager, and create a New Task. In creating a new task, you would need to specify the task owner, the type of task, and the due date. Next, enter the subject and edit task details so it would include the necessary contact fields and specific information required by the task owner. Then check off notification settings required by the task, and finally, create a task.


If you’re going to create a task using a step on sequence

the first step is to Create a Task Step and then schedule it; you will find a simpler interface that looks like a text-email field once you click on the Subject/Body section, and this is where you will provide the details to the work that the recipient needs to do. After this, head to Other Options where you will decide who will get the task, how they’ll be notified, and more. Then you move on to setting the task owner. Once this is done, you then check as many of the boxes provided like the one beside “send an email to task owner,” or “send an email to someone else,” and others. Afterwards, you pause the whole sequence until the task is marked complete, and for this there are subsequent steps that will be sent based on when the task is completed. The last part of this process is setting the task type.


When the task is completed, just click the green check mark in the Contacts tab on a per contact basis (you’ll find this in the Task Manager section), in a Task Reminder email, and the Tasks tab on a per task basis or multiple at a time using group actions. This part can be the end, or you can head on to creating task types and task outcomes, and creating a fulfilment test – it depends on what you want to do, really. For these subsequent tasks, you are provided an easy- to-follow, step-by-step guide which you can find in OAP’s website.


This may seem like a very lengthy process, but it’s highly manageable and everything you need to find is detailed properly; with just several clicks, you’ll have your tasks completely organized. Click here to start using OfficeAutopilot.

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