How To Make Use Of Custom Templates For Email Marketing

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If you have an online business, one of the things you need to bear in mind is that a consistent look can go a long way when it comes to reinforcing standards and strengthening your brand. Even for your email marketing campaign, creating that familiar look for every message you send leaves a strong impact that can significantly improve your business’s performance.


AWeber has its own gallery of templates for email, but do you know that its new message editor will also permit you to import any HTML template that was either designed for you or by you outside of AWeber? Well, the site is rather spiffy and flexible like that, so whatever template design and layout that supports your brand can be used every time you send out emails to your contacts. Once your recipients open their mail, they easily tell that it’s a newsletter, promo or whatever even if you do not specify it in the subject.


To do this, you make use of the drag-and-drop functionality of the site. This makes customizations so much easier and quicker. According to AWeber, the visually-based interfaces are both more intuitive and just plain more useful than mucking about with menus — and users couldn’t agree more. But it doesn’t stop here because with the new template manager, AWeber has taken the concept to a higher level of convenience for it will allow you to add contact areas to your choice template with great ease – meaning you can convert templates for use with the message editor without bothering with the HTML, as what’s often done for blogs –you really just drag and drop.


What’s more, you’ll even have access to more advanced features that will allow you to customize the template further until you finally have the perfect one to use; you can add rows and remove sections to accommodate the content that you will be integrating into the template. With this great feature you can use consistently attractive visuals for all your online marketing efforts which will certainly create a positive impression on your contacts or customers which then can directly improve your bottom line.


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