How To Integrate LeadPages With GetResponse

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When you get the right information and learn what is relevant to your business, you’ll easily achieve your goals for the organization, from increasing clients and sales to improving your brand. All of which may be done with LeadPages, one of the leading mobile responsive landing page software in the market, which you can integrate with several email marketing platforms like GetResponse. Unifying the two could help you get more out of your marketing campaigns.
Here’s how to do it:

· First make a new campaign in your GetResponse dashboard. Go to Your Current Campaign, and choose Create Campaign from the drop down menu.

· Provide a name (preferably something that will resonate with or be obvious for your subscribers so that they and you know which list they are being added to) for your campaign. No spaces are allowed and the name should be between three to 64 characters. Then click the Create New Campaign button. Now you’re ready to integrate GetResponse account with your LeadPages system.

· In the LeadPages dashboard, go to the My Account drop down menu and choose Integrations.

· From the Email Marketing Services, choose GetResponse.

· Provide your GetResponse API key, which is what helps LeadPages and GetResponse to communicate. Click the Get Your API Key, then click the Copy to Clipboard button to get it. Right click the API Key box to paste the details. Your GetResponse and LeadPages are now integrated.


To integrate your campaign with a custom-made marketing page from LeadPages, you’ll want to do the following:
· Choose from any of LeadPages’ templates.

· Customize the template accordingly.

· On the left column, click Opt-in Form Integration, then choose GetResponse from the drop down menu.


· Click the campaign you created earlier from the Choose Your Desired Campaign drop down menu.

· Fill in the URL for your Thank You page, which is where your subscribers will be taken to after they have opted-in to your form.

· Specify if you want to get your subscribers’ first names, if you want to integrate with GoToWebinar, and if you want to deliver your freebie with the LeadPages Digital Delivery Asset.

· Click Okay to finalize the process.

· Name your LeadPages campaigns accordingly, then edit the slug, which should help you optimize your link for search engines.


· Click the Save button.


To see whether everything is in working order, try the following:
· To verify if your integration with GetResponse has been done right, click the Publish button then click the View the Page button.

· Enter your email and click Submit. You should see the Thank You page.


· Go to your inbox to see if you’ve received confirmation for the subscription. Click the Confirm Subscription button.

· Go to your GetResponse dashboard.
· Go to Contacts and click Search Contacts.

· Pick the campaign you created in LeadPages and then click Search.

· You should see the email address you provided in the results.

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