How To Install OptimizePress (Theme or Plugin) via FTP

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One of the primary benefits of using OptimizePress is its portability and no-fuss functionality. You can install it as a theme or plugin through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) using the downloaded version. All you need is your laptop and a fast Internet connection.

Installation prerequisites

1. Your FTP log-in information.
2. OptimizePress downloaded from the members’ area. Unzip the zip file after saving.
3. Installed WordPress on your website.


How to install

1. Enter your FTP hosting account. You will see a split screen showing your computer files on one side and your hosting account files on the other window.

2. Double click the public_html folder to get to the web root level of your hosting account.

3. Scroll down until you find the wp_content folder.

4. Decide if you want to utilize OptimizePress as a theme (recommended if you want to take advantage of the blogging functionality of WordPress) or as a plug-in (preferred for building sales and marketing pages).
5. Double click the themes folder or plugins folder, depending on the option you chose.

6. Go to the window containing your computer files and look for the unzipped OptimizePress theme or plugin folder.

7. Click the theme or plugin folder and drag it over to the hosting account window.


– If you want to install OptimizePress on a domain name added to your hosting account as an add-on domain instead of the primary domain:
a. Follow steps 1-2.
b. Look for the folders listed for each add-on domain and double click the add-on domain folder where you want to have OptimizePress installed.

c. Follow steps 3-7.
8. OptimizePress will now start uploading.

To activate OptimizePress

1. Log in to your OptimizePress admin area.

If you are installing OptimizePress as a plugin:
2. Go to the left-hand column and choose Plugins > Installed Plugins.

3. Look for OptimizePress in the list of plugins and click “Activate.” It will then show as an activated plugin in your list. A new tab for OptimizePress will also appear on the left-hand column.

4. Click on the OptimizePress tab.

5. Enter a valid API key.
6. Click “Save settings.”


If you are installing OptimizePress as a theme:

1. Go to Appearance > Themes.

2. Follow steps 3-6.
That’s it! You now have access to OptimizePress, one of the most powerful tools for creating a website that reaches out to your target market and gets more sales for you.
Install the OptimizePress theme plugin or theme – get it HERE.

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