How To Double Your Client Base In 12 Months Flat

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Are you interested in exponentially growing your business without having to hire people who will assist you in running it? Do you want to significantly boost your marketing results while making the endeavor more cost-effective and time-efficient? Are you looking for a system that can more than double the number of your clients in less than a year? If you answer “yes” to all the above, you should take the time to learn what Ontraport can do for your business.


Ontraport is the only all-in-one business automation platform designed to help you start, systemize, and scale your business. Easily manageable without any help from a consultant and sufficiently robust to allow users to customize their systems in just a month, Ontraport helps you automate various marketing, sales, and business tasks; manage contacts in a central system; and track your marketing results in relation to your ROI.


Take the concrete example of Liesel Rigsby and her business The Energetic Matchmaker. Liesel was a Reiki teacher and healer who undertook a personal spiritual journey that led her to finding her soulmate. This experience then inspired her to venture into a holistic matchmaking service.


Before Ontraport, she had about 800 active contacts and 50 new clients. She only offered in-person, one-on-one consultations and coaching sessions. This setup required her to have a physical location for her service wherein she could attend to just one person at a time. To run the sales and marketing side of her business, she used five separate systems for email marketing, landing pages, affiliate center, CRM, hosting, and shopping cart. It was clear that the efficiency of her operations could be significantly improved.


When Liesel started using Ontraport, she was effectively able to conduct her business completely online. Through this platform, she set up a membership site that allowed her a one-to-many approach in delivering her products and services. She was able to automate both product delivery and new lead follow-up. Even better, she was able to condense all those different sales and marketing systems into just one complete, integrated business tool. As a result, she was able to more quickly and easily accomplish all her tasks.


Within 12 months, Liesel had 1,400 active contacts and 110 new clients. She was effectively able to increase her profits by 30%, grow her client list by 120%, and double her email list. Having grown more confident in her marketing capabilities with the help of Ontraport, she now resides in gorgeous Bali with her husband and runs her thriving business from paradise.


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