How To Create A Registration Form or Free Registration Form Inside OptimizePress

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OptimizePress is a revolutionary software solution that lets you create almost any kind of page that you need for your business website. These include high-converting landing pages, sales and marketing pages, secure membership portals, product launch funnels, authority blogs, and so much more. With this technology, you can build and edit pages in real time, create fully responsive pages instantly, integrate with your WordPress CMS, and customize and add functionality to your pages with several options for templates and custom elements. It provides a simple way to create an effective marketing site.


As you use OptimizePress, you may want or need to create a registration form that allows you to register members at a certain level (or free level) for membership sites using OptimizeMember. This can be done through use of the Paypal Pro Forms/ Registration Forms option.

Non-users of Paypal can also use this option.
Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. First, go to OptimizeMember > Paypal Pro Forms > Paypal Pro/Free Registration.



2. Next, select the code from the “WordPress Shortcode” field. Copy this code.


3. Load the page where you want to add the registration form. If you are using OptimizePress Live Editor, insert this code into a HTML/Shortcode element on your page.


4. The last step is to customize the code. These are the main sections that you will want to change:

· level=”0″. You need to specify the level for the registrant to be added to (remember to use only numbers in this section; Level 0 is your free registration level).


If you want to, you can also use this to add a user to a higher level. An example is if you are using dripped content and you need to use a level higher than 0.


· ccaps=””. Specify custom capabilities or packages here (for example, if you have a package called “ebook,” you would enter ebook). If you have more than one package to assign to the user, make sure to separate them with a comma only (e.g. ccaps=”ebook,video,mastery_series”).


Important reminder: Keep in mind that if you place this form on a page, any person who can access that page will be able to register and get access to the specified level. It would be smart practice to keep this page URL secret unless you want users to be able to register.


Start creating your very own customizable registration form inside OptimizePress – get it HERE.

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