How EntrepreneurOnFire’s John Lee Dumas Built A $98,993 Sales Funnel Using LeadPages: The First 2 Steps

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John Lee Dumas, founder and host of the business podcast EntrepreneurOnFire, needed a way to create an effective sales funnel for the launch of a new community called Podcasters’ Paradise. Having had success with using LeadPages for the purpose of lead generation for over a year, John decided to utilize the landing page software for this purpose, with highly promising results.


Here are the first two steps he took to build the sales funnel using LeadPages’ different conversion pages.

1. Building an info-based sales page using the LeadPages Sales Letter Template


This page was created to determine whether EntrepreneurOnFire’s audience was interested in Podcasters’ Paradise.

Because this page would be the only opportunity John’s team had to let people know why they should care about the new community, they went straight to the point and laid out the letter in this format:


· A one-sentence headline describing the community (“Podcasters’ Paradise: Where You Can Go to Learn How to Create, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast.”)
· A single question to further pique interest (“Why Podcasters’ Paradise?”)
· A bulleted list of the components offered by the community (Video Tutorials, Forum, and the Monthly Webinars.)


This sales letter was shared with the audience in EntrepreneurOnFire’s weekly email newsletter, on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and on the podcast itself. Five days later, over 240 people had signed up for their interest list.


Having validated that there was indeed interest in the new community, the next step would be to find out if people would be willing to actually pay for it.


2. Creating an early bird offer page using the LeadPages Special Offer Video With Countdown Template


The countdown timer is a proven effective tool to motivate people to take advantage of an offer before it ends — especially if it emphasizes that it will never be available again.


On this Special Offer page, John clearly stated that lifetime membership to Podcasters’ Paradise will be available for $197 within a 72-hour countdown. He made sure to indicate that this would be the lowest price that the membership will ever be offered for, and that when the time runs out the price will then be pegged at $300.


This Special Offer page was sent to the 240 people on John’s interest list. Within the 72 hours, 35 members signed up — that’s a total of $7,000 in sales, thanks to just a single page.


With these two steps completed, John was able to drive consumer interest to his new product as well as encourage people to purchase memberships—and the product hasn’t even been launched yet. To find out what other LeadPages templates helped John earn more profits and further increase opt-in rates, click here.

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