How Contacts Are Added To Your Database

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Every online business that uses OfficeAutopilot is presented three ways of adding contacts to their database.

Each option is simple and easy; all important names and contact details will be accessible and organized in no time.


The first option

is via an import. Log onto your OAP account then click the “Admin” link on the page which can be found on the upper right-hand corner. After that, click Import “Contacts” under the “User Tools” section, make sure that your file in .csv, then check the “My file has a header row” box if the first line of your file has field names instead of data. Click “Upload File” and follow that up by finding that CSV that you earlier made. Then click “Open” or “OK” and your file will upload to servers. Follow it up by clicking “Import” next to the file that you’ve just uploaded.


The next step

is to choose your “Merge” preferences and for this you have three options. In the “Duplicate Contact Manager” section, you can choose from “Create new entry,” “Merge and overwrite” (which is to merge databases by email address and utilise the newly imported date to overwrite your existing database where conflicts can be found), or “Merge and underwrite” (which is basically the opposite of the second option). Afterwards, you choose merge settings, set bulk email status, map fields, tag contacts, add to sequences, and the last step is to click Import.

The second option is via forms which capture contact info from site visitors that will then provide you the opportunity to keep in touch with them. OfficeAutopilot has a step-by-step guide on how Smart Forms can be made and even a video which will visually guide you through the process so you won’t make any mistakes and be done with the process in no time.


And the last option is by going about it manually. You can just head on to the “Contacts” tab and, using the “Quick Add” form or “New Contact” button, you can type in all the details you have of your contacts.


It’s easy and convenient, use it on OfficeAutopilot by clicking here.

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