Google Rolls Out Publisher For WordPress Plugin

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If you have been blogging for quite some time, you might be familiar with both Google AdSense and Google’s Webmaster Tools. AdSense is a tool for generating profit from your website while Webmaster Tools is a suite of nifty tools for analytics and diagnostics which allow you to make your website more competitive in Google search results. Before, you first had to generate snippets from AdSense and then paste those snippets onto your blog or website.


A new product eliminates this process through its point-and-click user interface. If you have chosen WordPress as your platform for your blog or website, you’ll be glad to know that Google has recently released Google Publisher for WordPress. While this new plugin is still in its beta stage, you’ll definitely find it a welcome addition to your current suite of plugins for your website.


First, you’ll need to download the plugin and unzip the content to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. You’ll be prompted by WordPress’s system to create a restore for your site. To do this, simply follow the link to the User Portal and create a restore point from your website.


After making a restore point, you’ll have to log in to your Google Account which can be found on the Google Publisher plugin settings.


From there, verify your Google Webmaster Tools by clicking on the “Manage Site” button. You will then be redirected to the Webmaster Tools. In order to utilize the AdSense part of the plugin, you will need an AdSense account. If you still do not have an AdSense account, the plugin can help you create one. With an AdSense account, you can add and manage advertisements that will appear on your website.


Although the plugin has been tested and confirmed to be fully compatible with WordPress, some users may experience a cache issue upon activation. This can be solved by going to the “WP Engine” found in the WordPress dashboard. From there, go to the General Settings area and click on the “Purge All Caches” button.


Since the plugin is still in its beta stage — version 0.1.0, to be exact — expect a few updates and tweaks to be rolled out in the coming months that will boost the plugin’s performance.


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